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Pregnancy Update: I’m Finally Feeling This Baby Move (VIDEO)

You know how it is – the day you get pregnant you start waiting for the moment you feel a kick or a pull. In the beginning, you start to mistake gas or ligament stretching for movement, but then it actually happens and you realize that you’re baby is having a party inside your uterus. 🙂

At least I think I’m at that point… LOL

It’s so EARLY. I still can’t believe it’s already possible. When did you start to feel your baby move? Do you remember?


Wednesday 26th of September 2012

Hi Vera! Congratulations!! I felt my daughter moving right around the same time you are, about 16-17 weeks. BUT she's my first so I didn't really think I was feeling the baby until I felt the same feeling for a while, like weeks! LOL!

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