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Skylanders Imaginators Unboxing Surprise! #SkylandersImaginators Fun Game For The Entire Family

Skylanders fans – this one is for you! Imaginators is the next installment from the company and my family is having so much fun getting through all the levels and learning about the characters’ special abilities.

As you know, Imaginators is a bit different than other Skylanders games. This new system allows you to design your own creations and be in charge of your Skylander’s destiny! We love this!


About the game: Kaos has discovered the ancient power of Mind Magic and is using it to create an unstoppable army of Doomlanders! Eon is calling upon all Portal Masters and Skylands’ greatest mystic warriors, the Senseis to stop Kaos and his minions. Now, you must use the power of your imagination to create your own Skylanders to battle in the ultimate adventure alongside the almighty Senseis to save Skylands.

Things To Know: There are a few different starter packs to opt in for and each offers you something a little different. Showcased above is the “Dark Edition” Starter Pack which is slighter more premium than the standard kit.

Since we are MAJOR FANS, we stocked up on a few key pieces and got ready for battle. Here’s an unboxing video showing Liam opening up our package once it arrived.

So fun, right?! Oh man! A note about those crystals — you can only fit ONE Skylanders in each. So, once you create your very own design and save it in that crystal, you cannot erase it. Be sure to tell your child that there is no do overs. That was something I learned while playing along during the first day of gaming.

For a closer look at all of our fun Skylanders Imaginators, check out this video where the whole family gets involved.

If you have old Skylanders from previous models, guess what? They are supported in Imaginators!! That’s right – over 300+ Skylanders can hop on the portal and get busy in this new world. I LOVE THAT!


What’s new to Imaginators besides the ability to create your very own design are a new class of warriors – Senseis. Senseis include 20 new characters and 11 former villains. Each Sensei is a master of one of 10 powerful Battle Classes which means that there is something for everyone.

For example, here is Mysticat. He has a full page on Skylanders and you can learn all about what he will do for the other Skylanders, check out some video and hear a personal message for future players. There’s a lot to do and see on the Skylanders website nowadays.

skylanders-imaginators_021 831-skylanders-imaginators-screenshot-1466605477

Action. Logic. Adventure. It’s all there and then some!


I am someone who likes to buy strategy books and attempt to complete every game level at 100%. Yes, I said ME – not my son. I’ve been gaming since I was 9 years old. I’ve owned every single console that has ever hit the market to date. My father was a computer programmer who used to build me games when there weren’t enough on the market for me to play. It’s in my blood. We have come a long way in the gaming industry and I am so happy for it!

Skylanders is such an amazing experience for the entire family. All three of my children play – including my three-year-old. It is our Friday Night FUN! I’m telling you. You don’t want to miss out on Imaginators because it will give you hours of laughs and bonding time with your kids. Grab a controller and dive right in.

*Company sent sample for review


Monday 31st of October 2016

I've never heard of Skylanders before. It sounds like an interesting game! The characters are interesting looking.

Liz Mays

Friday 28th of October 2016

Ooh, these new characters are super cool. It's good to know the older ones will still work with the game too.

Aimee Smith

Friday 28th of October 2016

This looks like so much fun! I might look into this for Christmas gifts!


Thursday 27th of October 2016

This would be my son's dream come true! I would love ti give this to him for christmas! I need to check more into this and see what I can buy!

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