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Save Time This Holiday Season With The Amazing Samsung POWERbot Essential @SamsungTweets

Samsung POWERbot Vacuum

Ok, sing it with me! It’s the holiday season (the holiday season) and you have no time (have no time), there’s just too much planning (too much planning) and cleaning, too (and cleaning, too).

I know the feeling all too well. I think most people know it well this time of year. I’m here to tell you how to get back some of that valuable time! This modern day miracle is called the new POWERbot Essential. The POWERbot Essential is quite the awesome little device brought to you by is Samsung Home Appliance. It’s the perfect cleaning tool heading into the holiday season because it gives you the perfect gift for this season…time.

How could this be you ask? It’s pretty amazing, actually. The gift comes because the Samsung Home Appliance POWERbot Essential handles all of your vacuuming for you. Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have to vacuum your house. It has 10x more powerful suction than the leading robot vacuum brand*, is packed with smart technology that allows it to map out and navigate your home with ease and it effortlessly adjusts to all floor types. It’s like you can see the future, and experience it too! So when you are running around prepping for massive dinners, looking for Christmas presents or cleaning up after everyone is gone, the POWERbot Essential is there to clean up the pieces…literally.

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This is a MAJOR breakthrough here, especially when you consider that 42% or people surveyed** avoid entertaining all together because they stress about cleaning up all that mess! If you are someone that loves to entertain regardless of the mess, Samsung and I have some ideas to help you manage your time and plan that party a little bit better!!

  1. Automate cleaning (and maybe cooking, too): Run your oven’s self-cleaning cycle for the things you’ve made…and simply throw out the containers for all the things you’ve had catered (LOL)
  2. Clear the fridge before the party: Make space for all those leftovers so that you’re not scurrying around at 1AM deciding whether to save yesterday’s pizza or the guac from the party
  3. Serve small bites: Smaller foods equate to less potential for spills and messes, as well as smaller plates for cleaning/disposal
  4. Thoughtfully plan out the amount of food you really want/need to serve based on the party and your guests: As you never want to run out of food, some parties call for a ton of food, some not so much, depending on the date, the time, and who’s attending
  5. Get some help: Everyone needs a little help from their friends sometimes, so don’t be afraid to splurge and hire someone to help clean up and be sure to run a robot vacuum like the POWERbot VR9000 while you and your help are doing the rest
  6. Load as you go: and utilize that dishwasher to the max and load those dishes as you go so there’s less of a massive dish mountain at party’s end


These tips should really help out and are very easy to implement. You will be very surprised at the difference it makes when the guests leave and it’s time to take care of business!! The best part, you can really trust that the POWERbot to help with cleanup. It works really well and does a great job finding all that dirt! How could it not?? The POWERbot Essential contains an onboard digital camera and ten individual smart sensors that help it determine the optimal cleaning path by creating a complete map of your home, including walls, furniture and stairways. I know I can’t even do that, LOL!! So you don’t need to worry about furniture or objects on the floor. Simply turn it on, and let it do the vacuuming for you!!

I mean, the POWERbot Essential gave me so much extra time when cleaning the house since I’ve had it that I decided to start a walking club in town!! You can’t beat it, less time cleaning, more time getting into shape and having fun with friends!!

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To find more about the POWERbot Essential and all the wonders of Samsung Home Appliance and how their innovations hit home, please check out:

Samsung POWERbot Vacuum Collage

*Suction power tested on Samsung POWERbot Essential in comparison with the top vacuum sold by the leading robot vacuum brand according to NPD.

**Samsung-sponsored Google Consumer Survey of 1010 respondents representative of the U.S. population.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Samsung . The opinions and text are all mine.

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