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Daily Diary: When You Know You’re In A Memory


A few days ago, I headed into the city with some friends to support one of Natalie’s best friends as she performed in an off Broadway show during her last performance. The girls were so thrilled to watch it all unfold live. Once the cast bowed for the last time, Natalie and Gretchen ran on stage and gave Athena a HUGE hug. They kept screaming about how proud they were of her and kept complimenting her performance.

We then all went out to dinner to celebrate and the moms caught up while the daughters sat on the other side of the table in their own bubble. We kept glancing over at them and commenting about how happy they all looked.

This was it – a moment they would remember forever.

In the city.

With their crew.

Laughing and giggling and story telling and having the best night of their lives.

It was a memory they would bring up over and over again as they aged. The moms were certain of it. I felt it too.image2 image3

We then decided to wait on line for these unbelievable cookies – and even that was super special to them. Over all, everything we did was amazing… but it was because we did it together. image4

I just love this group. I hope they stay friends forever. 20 years from now, they will be talking about that crazy line for those delicious cookies after Athena’s perfect play.

As a mom, I finally felt what it was like to be inside a memory of one of my children. And it felt magical.

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