Salad For Dinner: Our New Family Commitment

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Growing up, my family always had a salad on the table with every dinner. Always. Every dinner. It wasn’t fancy mind you. In fact, it was the same exact salad for 20+ years.

Over the weekend, during my “I need to adjust my life” crisis, I thought that I have to start taking small steps in the food department as well. On Monday, when I returned from my spa weekend trip with my friends (more on that in a bit), I told my kids that starting on Tuesday we would all begin eating salad for dinner every meal.

They laughed.

They snickered.

They didn’t believe me.

I told them that THIS WAS HAPPENING!!! I gave them 24 hours to process it all. The only salad they eat is from Benihana and they pretty much eat everything but the leaves. I know they are only babies but good eating habits have to start somewhere, right?

So last night, as promised, I gave each of the kids a small side bowl of salad. I am not going to lie here. There was some protest!! But we did it. We ate some salad with our meal. And I felt so accomplished!! Did they eat it with a smile? NO! But they ate it. So – I’m still taking it as a win.

We are going to keep going at it. I think this change is going to mark a huge turning point for our health as a whole. And whether or not they realize it, it’s for the best!

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