Daily Diary: Too Many Signs To Ignore The Need For A Change

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 I really hope this doesn’t turn into a very long post because it has the potential to go there. Forgive me if it does…

As you know, I suffer from migraines. 8 or 9 a month – and honestly that’s just too much for me to handle. They debilitate me when they hit. And the only way for a migraine to go away is for me to take medicine and go to sleep. I can’t just take a pill and continue on with my day. I have to take a pill and go to sleep. SOOOOOO, if I get a migraine in the middle of the day and I can’t take a nap because I am in the city or I am with my kids and Bill isn’t home, I basically have to deal with it until that evening. It’s torture.

I am also on daily medication. Two different kinds. Topamax and Amitriptyline. The concoction is supposed to help but if I’m being honest it really doesn’t do much. I don’t want to increase the doses because in a perfect world I wouldn’t be on these pills to begin with.

I had a meeting with my neurologist last week to talk about ALL THESE MEDS and he said I have to start exercising. I just HAVE TO. There’s no way around it. Walking, running, any form of exercise — it will change the way my brain is wired. He said it in a very fancy way and I’m not even going to try to repeat him. But the main takeaway was that I have to start moving.

I met some friends for dinner and my girlfriend told me that she started with a personal trainer and she loves the experience. It actually gets her moving.

Then I went away to a spa (more on that in a bit) with a handful of friends and they were all talking about how exercise clears their minds and how they need it for more than weight loss.

And then… yesterday I had lunch with two more friends and the conversation came back around to fitness. Both women said – once again – that they were working with trainers and that it benefits their body and their mind. I don’t know how many times I need to hear the same message from the universe. I never heard so many people mention trainers in such a short timeframe than this last week. It’s almost like I’m on a reality show!

I just got an email from Liza (one of the above friends) and she said that she told her trainer about me and her trainer will give me one session for free to test it out. I could just about cry. I have to admit that I’m SCARED. I’m SCARED to do this because I am not strong. I’m not strong mentally. I’m not strong physically. I’m just not sure if I’m ready for all of it. But I know that I need to be…

This week might have changed my life.

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  1. tammilee wrote:

    You my dear are more than strong! You manage more in a day than most know. You will beat the migraines and come out stronger than you can imagine!

    Posted 4.2.14
  2. You can do this. I promise you, you can. You’re stronger than you think!

    Posted 4.2.14
  3. Vera. ((hug)) Listen. I am the biggest wuss EVER. I mean it. I hired a personal trainer a couple years ago. I still go every week. I want to go 2x but it is $$ so I try to pick up a free strength class at the gym the other time so I get 2 strength workouts. And I started running. Which was an accident. I just went out to walk.

    Don’t feel like you have to run half marathons and all that jazz. Just get out and walk. It does the body and mind SO MUCH GOOD just to be outside. I am seriously addicted now.

    I can’t stress ENOUGH how much I value my personal trainer. I would NEVER have stuck with my exercise regimen this long if it weren’t for her.

    I was about to go on depression meds and I didn’t want to so I started moving. CHANGED MY LIFE. FOR REAL. Do it. Just give it a try. Give it 6 mos. You CAN do it. You just have to find the right person who GETS you and will work with you. xo

    Posted 4.2.14
  4. by the way, my trainer is now one of my BFFs. LOVE her. we have so much fun, even though the workouts are tough. we chat the whole time. 🙂

    Posted 4.2.14
  5. Stacy wrote:

    I’ve been wondering how you are doing with your migraines. I’m so sorry to hear the topamax isn’t helping! I was on and off the topamax for a while because I didn’t like the way it made me feel but I decided to go on (30mg) and stick with it and also I take frova during my menstrual cycle everyday and I feel like my migraines are finally under control. My hardest time is the week after my period now, but it is so much better after being on this combo for 3 months.

    I also want to add exercise because I really need it! Just being a healthy weight and eating well at some point just isn’t enough, our body needs the exercise, the thought that it might help the migraines would be wonderful.. Oh and also, I found out I was borderline anemic and added an iron supplement and that helped with the headaches as well I think so if you haven’t had standard yearly blood tests recently make sure to get them done!

    Posted 4.2.14
    • Vera wrote:

      i agree – it’s not just about the food. i keep hearing it clears the mind. BUT i have to say — the anemic point that you made is really hitting home with me. I’m always BORDERLINE anemic. ALWAYS. going to check in on this.

      Posted 4.3.14
  6. Katie wrote:

    You can do it! I am in no means into fitness – I hired a trainer a few years ago before my wedding (did wonders!) A trainer is there to support you in your goals and will not embarrass you or make you feel weak. They will make you feel proud of your progress and give you an hour a week or whenever to put your strength and energy into yourself:) there were many days I felt I wasn’t able to give my all or live up to what my trainer wanted – but he was 100% motivated for me not against me. Good luck and it will definitely change you:)

    Posted 4.2.14
    • Vera wrote:

      thank you for your encouragement — i really just have to get it together. i think the time has finally arrived.

      Posted 4.3.14
  7. Amy wrote:

    I agree with all of the above. I have anxiety and some depression and realized that I am now the heaviest I have ever been (jeans don’t fit). Working from home makes it harder, and I am not a gym rat at all. Just started the Couch to 5k program and realize I am stronger than I thought! And I am not a runner, not by any stretch. But it is nice to be outside after this crazy winter and I’m finding that for the 30 minutes, my mind just shuts off. I don’t think about work, school, kids, messy house – anything. I just have my music and shut down (not so easy to do as my mind is always going).

    Posted 4.3.14

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