Reveal Your Truth With Dove: NYC Event


I had the opportunity to attend the “Dove April Truth Day” in NYC. Media and consumers were invited to reveal their truths and also learn the truth about what their bar or body wash doing to their skin. It was fun to see some of the truths that women revealed in tweets about themselves flashing across a giant screen … honest and funny accounts of their unspoken truths ( Mine was that sometimes I don’t get out of my pajamas until right before my kids get home from school…shhh, don’t tell anyone)





A Dove “Truth Files” table was set up with competitive brands of body washes and bars. Each brand had a disc placed in front of them that demonstrated the harshness of the product on the skin. The discs were originally red in color and changed in shade to show the abrasive effect of the soap. I was shocked to see that some of the products I use for myself and my children had the most damaging effects on the skin. Looking at the disc in front of the Dove products you could clearly see that there are no ingredients in the soap or body wash that strip the skin, the color was still vibrantly red. Dove takes skin care very seriously and their goal was to make the science behind their products visually impactful and, I have to say, they certainly achieved that in the demonstration.

In addition to the “Truth Files” table guests were able to meet with “Truth Tellers” and receive clues to their future, reveal personal truths in a “Truth Photo Booth”, and enjoy “Truth Serum” and “Care-Tini” cocktails and delicious “dove” shaped hors d’oeuvres. We also listened to Samantha Bee from the Daily Show as she revealed some of her hilarious truths to the crowd. (I totally related to her truth that she sometimes hides in the bathroom from her kids) Samantha is a lifelong user of Dove products and she was funny and engaging as she shared her truths about motherhood, work, and marriage.
The message of the evening was that “Dove is different…only Dove offers superior care.” And that….is Dove’s “truth”. To find out more about Dove products visit



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