The Reason Why You Should Be Recording Your Life For YouTube

My kids usually get annoyed at me when I follow them around with my camera. They think I am totally crazy – documenting their every move. But over the weekend, they turned over a new leaf. We spent a good two hours looking at very old YouTube videos. The ones that were filmed over two years ago. The personal ones that were shot just for our private eyes. I didn’t make these for an “audience” or a “brand.” I made these because I wanted to remember these beautiful moments of my life.

And they all brought tears to my eyes.

Once we finished skipping down memory lane, Natalie told me she completely understood why I film everything. And she even went so far as to say that she wanted to me to FILM MORE!


(this is Liam)

Do yourself a favor. Set up a YouTube channel and mark it private. No one has to see these videos if you don’t want them to. You can make every single one of them unlisted or private if you don’t want to share these personal moments. BUT START RECORDING THESE SPECIAL MEMORIES BECAUSE TIME IS PASSING US BY.

I have thousands of videos uploaded of my children and I am so happy that I do. We had SO MUCH fun popping them up on Chrome and remembering old trips and lazy days at home.

Here’s a look at my old videos if you want to take a peek.

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