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Crazy Over Post-Its and Scotch Expressions Tape at the #PostItParty!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Post-It Party and I had a BLAST! I mean really. It was so much fun.

Post-It Party Artwork

There were some amazing things there. If you were following our live tweets last night you got a sneak peak.

The weather was a bit gloomy by the time I arrived at the event, but once inside, the mood was instantly uplifted from all the colorfulness of post-its everywhere.

From wall art to displays and art structures to demos. There were so many amazing things to look at. I don’t think writing about it will do it much justice, but basically, I never thought of all the fun things you can do with Post-It notepads. It was WOW. There were a lot of wall art, art structures, decorations and a little DIY table too.

Really, it’s better to just show you. So without further ado enjoy the photos and let me know what you think

Post-It notepads wall art of the United States.

Post-It Party Wall Art USAPost-It Party Wall Art

Post-It Party Art Structure Tornado and the new Signature Series.

Post-It Party Signature Series & Art Structure Tornado

Signature Series is a limited edition line of Post-It products with designers from over 20 artists.

Post-It Party Signature SeriesPost-It Party Signature SeriesPost-It Party Signature Series

Signature Series for the City Girls

Post-It Party Signature Series Girl in the City

Signature Series for the boys
Post-It Party Signature Series

Post-It Mobile products – for those on the go

Post-It Party Go Mobile

Scotch Expressions tape – so many to choose from!!!

Post-It Party Packaging Tape

Decorate your shoes and bike with Scotch Expressions tape
Post-It Party decorate shoes with washi tape

A cork board

Post-It Party Washi Tape Cork Board

Your skateboards

Post-It Party Washi tape your skateboard

Or even your bicycle!

Post-It Party Decorate your bike with washi tape

Wrap your gifts
Post-It Party gift wrap

Or prank your boss by covering every inch of his/her office with over 2000 Post-It notes!!!!

Post-It Party Prank your boss

One of the interactive displays that did social good. We picked a color note pad to write a message on then put it onto the wall for

Post-It Party social good

Each color represented a number on the wall and it became a hot air balloon. This wall art will be donated to a school.
Post-It Party Wall Art Hot Air Balloon for Kids

So, I obviously love Post-It products. What inventions can’t you live without?

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