Ponchos: Done Three Different Ways

This season, are you planning on trying out a poncho? I have to admit – last year I bought one and was ALL ABOUT wearing it… but it never happened.

poncho wearing tips

 It looked amazing when I had my hands on my waist, but when I stood normally… not so much. So, I decided that I chose the wrong poncho for my body.

Here are three different looks so you can figure out which style works best for your shape. The above poncho retails for $89.

PONCHO WEARING TIP: Be sure to pair a poncho with either skinny jeans or stretchy pants. Trust me, you don’t need something lose on your bottom half while wearing this over-sized piece.

Here are two more looks to choose from:

Hinge Stripe – $88

U neck $21

Even though this look is technically a junior’s version, I think it best fits my body type.

Which style do you prefer? Have you poncho-ed before?

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  1. Tereza wrote:

    I LOVE how ponchos look — on other women. But I’ve bought three in recent years and they’ve all landed on the back of the shelf. I’m tall (5’10”) with broad shoulders and when I put it on I look like a linebacker — it’s really overwhelming. Have you seen any that give that carefree look with while being visually narrowing? Or is that desire totally anti-poncho? Wondering if a cape may balance me better or I should just stick to fitted jackets. 🙂

    Posted 8.30.11
  2. lizzys wrote:

    love ponchos…..when they get old i wear them to get cozy warm and watch tv

    Posted 8.31.11

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