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Getting To Know The Polar Cuddle Cub

Help soothe your little one to sleep with the Polar Cuddle Cub by Cloud B! The Cuddle Cubs are a cuddly bunch, and they love nothing more than to snuggle up with their favorite human. The Polar Cuddle Cub is the most famous of them all, with his distinctive white fur making him a favorite for kids across the world.

Polar Cuddle Cub

The Cuddle Cubs are a unique breed in that they have been specifically adapted to thrive in extreme climates. Although they love snuggling up on cold winter days, they can also be found happily playing outdoors in summer as well. Of course, their main habitat is in polar regions like Antarctica, but you may find some of these cuddly creatures further south if you know where to look!

One thing is certain – no matter where you encounter the Cuddle Cub family, they are bound to make your day brighter with their friendly attitude and big smiles. If you’re looking for the perfect pet or companion.

Vibrating, Soft, And Snuggly

Super-soft for extra snuggles, the Polar Cuddle Cub is made with soy fibers and provides a comforting vibratory sensation to help ease your child into slumber. Dedicated to helping young children sleep more soundly, Cloud B is a children’s toy company that is now offering an Endangered Species Series that not only helps make bedtime a pleasant experience but teaches little ones about endangered wildlife.

Dozy Dolphin On The Go and Polar Cuddle Cub are both eco-friendly, and Dozy the Dolphin plays 4 soothing sounds just perfect for nodding off to dreamland.

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