Pampering Time: How Often Do You Do It? {With Answers From Some Of Your Favorite Bloggers}

I cut my own cuticles this week and three of my fingers look like they are props from a horror movie. I don’t know WHAT happened to me, but I just can’t justify spending money on a manicure these days. I need to shake that right OFF OF ME. I do so many fun things for work, that I always feel like I can’t do more personal things because it wouldn’t be fair to my husband.


Anyway, I got to thinking about what others do on a weekly basis? Am I the only one who feels this way? I asked a few blogging buddies and this is what they had to say:

  • Jennifer – I think I get pampered on a quarterly or bi-annual basis, it’s been a really long time since I’ve had anything done…I keep putting off my hair appt because it’s just too busy here!! Sad but true.
  • Melanie – For mani/pedis, I try to get one every month. I don’t paint my nails, I just have them trimmed and shaped, but my toes are always painted–even in the winter. The hardest thing is finding a block of time when I can go and the shop isn’t swamped. Now that it’s spring, it’s so hard.
  • Suz – Um, pamper? What the hell is that? I am lucky I remember to brush my hair. Yes, I know bad but I am so exhausted. I am trying to put forth effort (when I remember) by putting on mascara and using moisturizer but that really isn’t pampering… But I am trying. One foot in front of the other! Maybe one day I will find pampering but for now, it will have to do!
  • Carrie – I realize I only go get pampered when I have to: Before a trip, conference, party. That includes mani/pedis and facials. The hard truth is, I need to do these things on a regular basis for me — because it feels good and because it’s good for me.
  • Lolli – I have a hard time blocking out time for myself, even now that the kids are gone at school all day. I never, ever get manicures and I’ve had 2 real pedicures in my life, unless you count having my 7 year old daughter paint my nails for me. I am sorely behind on getting a hair cut, and I haven’t gotten my hair colored in ages because I am so low on cash. Sadly, computer time has become my “pampering time.” It may not do anything for my looks, but it pampers my spirit.
  • Megan – I don’t pamper myself nearly enough. I get my hair cut/colored every 6 to 8 weeks… and I paint my own nails when they start to look terrible! I need to be better about taking time out for me!
  • Andrea – Hair- every 6 weeks. Nails every two weeks (acrylics) Facials- NEVER Massage- 3x per year if given a gift certif.
  • Lisa – I get my hair colored every 5 weeks, pedicure every six weeks (although I am way behind right now), massage as needed, but not often enough and generally only upper body due to that being where I hold my tension (but my upper body is screaming-so soon) and I’m starting regular dermaplaning and chem peels this fall when summer is fading away.
  • Mary – Thankfully, I do social media for a local salon, so I get my hair done and colored every 5 or 6 weeks. I used to be so good about doing my makeup regularly and buying myself small cosmetic items now and then. That’s a ritual I’ve gotten away from, but I intend to get back into it soon!
  • Lara – I have to admit, that Getting Gorgeous has helped me think more about ME! I set aside time each month to try an item recommended by GG. With four kids I have to prod myself into pampering me. I do go once a month (spring-fall) for a mani-pedi with my oldest daughter.

Now it’s your turn! How often do you pamper yourself?? What do you do?

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  1. I love these responses!! You girls have inspired me to do something for myself THIS WEEK! (it helps that Mom is coming into town tonight….she always pampers me!!)

    Posted 3.8.11
  2. Jan wrote:

    I dont colour my hair so I will get a cut prob twice a year maybe three times. My husband has massage coverage at work so I take advantage of that but I consider that medical not for fun lol I hold so much tension in my upper back its not funny. Nails I do myself. Now that I dont wear acrylics anymore I dont get manis but will get pedi and bikini wax when I am going away. Eyebrow threading I get regularly and if that salon has a special on I will buy facial/bikini/eyesbrow package and use it at some point.

    Posted 3.8.11

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