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Old Navy Open-Front Shaker-Stitch Cardi: What She Wore

You know I love a good cardigan!

I went to Old Navy to buy my daughter some clothes for a family photo shoot that we did over the weekend. I actually already had what I was going to wear and really wasn’t looking for myself. HOWEVER, as soon as I walked into the store, I walked right into this Open-Front Shaker-Stitch Cardi and immediately knew it was perfect for me. The color, the length, and the style – right up my alley!

I love to layer in the winters. I’m someone that is a bit disproportionate. I’m heavier around my hip region and tend to buy fashion that hides that. Layering with oversized cardigans like this = magic. It’s something I am really good at doing. LOL!

Old Navy is having a great sale right now, so if you like this cardigan, you should head over today to check it out. I also picked up these pair of jeggings during the same shopping spree. I haven’t worn jeggings in quite some time. In fact, I have no idea where all my jeggings went! These are the only pair I own now. It’s so strange!!! Anyway, I love the rip, the fit, and the price.

Have you gone to Old Navy lately? What did you pick up?

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