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I married a man in glasses. So, it makes sense that I have a child that needs a pair as well. Liam has been wearing a pair for several years now and it’s important that we stay on top of his doctor’s visits to ensure he continues to see through the right prescription. As a busy mom of three, I need to consider several factors when determining where I spend my time and money: convenience, variety, and ease.I’m all about that one-stop-shop kind of feel. Pearle Vision made eyeglass shopping a breeze for my family. Pearle Vision was founded over 50 years ago, with the “vision” of a one-stop,total eye care center. Now they have close to 600 eye care centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The whole thing is built around a doctor-centered business model with a primary focus on delivering genuine eye care to patients.


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Earlier this week, while I was at the pool with the kids, I decided that I should make an eye appointment for later that afternoon at one of the many Pearle Vision locations near my house in Nassau, Long Island. I went onto the website and chose where I wanted to go and which timeslot worked best for my family.

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They didn’t require any detailed insurance information over the Internet, so I was able to do everything over my phone. What a breeze. We finished up with our aquatic fun and then headed in for our scheduled time. Considering the fact that I only had to drive 2 miles, I wasn’t concerned about being late. As soon as I arrived, Liam began his appointment and I was able to remain by his side throughout the entire procedure. The optometrist was really great with him – what a kid friendly location! The Doctor at Pearle Vision explained – in detail – what was happening every step of the way and my son was completely at ease going from one machine to another. Did you know that:

  • 90% of children under the age of 6 who should be wearing prescription glasses are not
  • 80% of what children learn is through their eyes
  • 1 out of 20 children has a problem that could result in permanent vision loss if left unattended
  • 10% of preschoolers and 25% of kids in K-6th grade have vision deficiencies
  • 75% of children haven’t had an eye exam by age 5 even though they should have their first at age 3
  • The AOA estimates that 80% of preschoolers do not receive vision screenings
  • 40% of teenagers need vision correction – and several of them go untreated

IMG_8242 After a very thorough exam (which included checking his overall vision, color vision, depth perception and general eye health), we then were brought to the Youth section of the lens wall and were walked through all the different styles for children. IMG_8235 Liam tried on several different styles and landed on one that he liked. IMG_8247 He’s been BEGGING for transition lenses, so we ordered them and were told that everything would come in on Tuesday – just four days later. What a great turnaround! Because my son plays sports and is a very active boy, we decided to also add in a year-long protection plan. Should anything happen to the lenses or the frames, Pearle Vision will fix them!


The best part of the trip? Liam got to walk out of Pearle Vision with some funny new shades! Just kidding! In order to check the back of his eyes, the doctor had to use some eye drops that dilated his pupils. They became rather sensitive to light (all very normal). Happy to say that Liam got a clean bill of health and a new pair of glasses. Meanwhile, I got peace of mind!

To book an eye appointment for you or for any member of your family, click here. To check out Liam’s new transition lenses – see below!!

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  1. My oldest is going to need her first pair of glasses when we go for her vision test in a few weeks!

    Posted 8.10.16
  2. Lisa Brown wrote:

    My child id fortunate that he does not need glasses, very good vision.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

    Posted 8.11.16
  3. Lisa Brown wrote:

    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

    Posted 8.11.16
  4. Will G wrote:

    Our kids wear glasses.

    Posted 8.11.16
  5. Mami2jcn wrote:

    So far my 4 children haven’t needed glasses. I started needing glasses at age 15 and my oldest child is 13.

    Posted 8.11.16
  6. Mami2jcn wrote:


    Posted 8.11.16
  7. Julie Wood wrote:

    My son needed glasses last year and he is getting an eye exam next month. My daughter does not need glasses.

    Posted 8.11.16
  8. Julie Wood wrote:


    Posted 8.11.16
  9. Denise L wrote:

    My kids both have good vision – no glasses yet!

    Posted 8.11.16
  10. Denise L wrote:
    Posted 8.11.16
  11. Jessie C. wrote:

    My children haven’t needed glasses just yet, they have their eyes checked last month.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

    Posted 8.11.16
  12. Jessie C. wrote:


    Posted 8.11.16
  13. Elena wrote:

    My child has good vision

    Posted 8.11.16
  14. Mita wrote:

    No glasses yet!

    Posted 8.11.16
  15. Kelly D wrote:

    My son needs glasses and my daughter doesn’t need them yet.

    Posted 8.11.16
  16. Kelly D wrote:
    Posted 8.11.16
  17. Jessica To wrote:

    I had my son’s eyes checked two years ago due to headaches and his vision was good.

    Posted 8.11.16
  18. Natalie wrote:

    My nephew wears glasses but my niece was fortunate enough not to need glasses.

    Posted 8.11.16
  19. Christie L wrote:
    Posted 8.12.16
  20. Starla wrote:

    What a cutie! My youngest currently wears glasses and she is the cutest with them – so far vision isn’t that bad. I love to let her pick out new pairs!

    starla.bates AT

    Posted 8.14.16
  21. sharon wrote:

    My son didn’t need glasses until he was 20. I’ve worn them since I was about 8.

    Posted 8.14.16
  22. Judith wrote:

    reading glasses…

    Posted 8.16.16
  23. Elle wrote:

    So far, so good. They don’t wear glasses and have good vision.

    Posted 8.18.16
  24. laura g wrote:

    Our kids are grown and neither wear glasses. I do though

    Posted 8.18.16
  25. Madeline wrote:

    Our daughter wears glasses. In fact, her eyes are changing and we should probably schedule another appointment soon!

    Posted 8.19.16
  26. Madeline wrote:
    Posted 8.19.16
  27. Erika wrote:

    We just found out my six year old daughter has astigmatism and other issues.


    Posted 8.21.16
  28. Margaret Smith wrote:

    Both my sons wear glasses. Thanks so much.

    Posted 8.21.16
  29. Margaret Smith wrote:
    Posted 8.21.16
  30. CR Williams wrote:

    My daughter has really good vision I have never had an issue with her.

    Posted 8.21.16
  31. Debbie B wrote:

    I don’t have any children but I could probably use an eye exam myself!

    Posted 8.22.16
  32. Debbie B wrote:
    Posted 8.22.16
  33. Barbara Montag wrote:

    We have a daughter who wears contacts and a son glasses.
    thank you

    Posted 8.23.16
  34. Barbara Montag wrote:
    Posted 8.23.16
  35. Ellie Wright wrote:

    I like to get my kids eyes checked right before the new school year begins.
    So far, so good.

    Posted 8.23.16
  36. Stephanie Phelps wrote:

    My son wears glasses for reading and watching tv!

    Posted 8.23.16
  37. Stephanie Phelps wrote:
    Posted 8.23.16
  38. Betty Curran wrote:

    My children are all adults now but we were fortunate that they didn’t need vision correction as children.

    Posted 8.24.16
  39. Betty Curran wrote:
    Posted 8.24.16
  40. Shawn Gallagher wrote:
    Posted 8.25.16
  41. Shawn Gallagher wrote:

    No glasses… guess she got lucky?

    Posted 8.25.16
  42. Kristen wrote:

    Everybody in the family wears some form of corrective lenses.

    Posted 8.26.16
  43. Kristen wrote:
    Posted 8.26.16
  44. Angela Saver wrote:

    Our daughter wears glasses & contacts, & our son wears glasses. They have both worn glasses since they were very young.

    [email protected]

    Posted 8.28.16
  45. Thomas Murphy wrote:

    My son has great eye sight so has no needs.

    Posted 8.28.16
  46. Thomas Murphy wrote:
    Posted 8.28.16
  47. Kathryn C wrote:

    #Sweeps #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    Well I don’t have children but I wear glasses/contacts and just had my annual exam two months ago

    Kathryn C

    Posted 8.28.16
  48. Kathryn C wrote:

    #Sweeps #SweepstakesEntry- tweet:

    Posted 8.28.16

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