Natalie’s Art Is Now On Sale Online Thanks To Plum Prints!


Last year, I made a book with Plum Print showcasing some of my favorite art pieces created by my children. It’s an easy way to consolidate everything that comes home from school. You know – all the things you want to keep but really don’t want to keep. Moms, tell me you understand what I am saying. I got to hold onto all the beautiful creations my babies made and shelf it away in a small and manageable album. BLISS!

Anyway, the other day, the company reached out to me and asked me if I would give them permission to sell one of the designs that my daughter made because they thought it would look great on phone cases, puzzles, tote bags and more.

How could I say NO?


I mean… there is even a SHOWER CURTAIN! If I had a bathroom just for the children – I would BUY THIS AND PUT IT IN THERE. Unfortunately, I don’t have an extra bath to spare. Either way, I think this whole thing is SUPER COOL and I just had to share.

To check out the full gallery of Natalie’s designs, click here.

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