My Wedding Ring Is Ruined

I cannot BELIEVE this. I went to get my wedding rings cleaned and resized. I’ve been wearing them on my right hand for 5 years – ever since Natalie was born. I gained some weight and I rushed to get them enlarged NOT THINKING that I would ever lose the excess pounds eventually. Big mistake.

Well, I visited my old jeweler because I was in Queens visiting a friend and he told me my wedding ring is ruined. Basically, the platinum reshaped into an oval and now all the stones are loose. I don’t know HOW it happened, but over the years the metal just took a new shape.


He wouldn’t even CLEAN it. He said it was so bad that he didn’t want to mess around with adding pressure or steam. I was able to resize my engagement ring – to a 4 1/4 oh my goodness – which I am happy about because it just keeps the other one in place.

So, I get an estimate to get a new ring- $1300!!! That’s just for the ring. We would reuse my diamonds.

I have to do something. I can’t just keep wearing this ring while it’s so messed up. But $1,300 is a lot of money!

The funny thing is I haven’t taken my ring off in SO LONG that I had no idea it was a different shape. It is like a flat oval at this point. cr-azy

Has this ever happened to you?

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  1. Poppy wrote:

    Eek, that’s horrible! Well, when I was married mine were only 14K gold so they had a mind of their own and it didn’t much matter. 🙂 Best of luck with this…

    Posted 8.22.10
  2. lulu wrote:

    Try contacting Elsa Rings in farmingdale. The are next door to adventureland. I got all my rings made there. They make custom rings and are reasonable in price considering they can make anything you want. They will give you the best recommendation the only thing is the work on appointment only. Hope that helps. I think they even have a web site.
    I got u the contact info:
    1 800-440-3572
    1 631 or 516/ 293-4500
    2263 Route 110
    Farmingdale, NY 11735

    Posted 8.22.10
  3. Danielle wrote:

    I have this same problem with my plat. ring. My wedding band is fine, but my engagement ring hast “reformed”. It is an oval shape. You do a lot with your hands and over times, little taps on the ring will reform it. Try taking it to another jeweler. They might reshape it for you, they may have to send it away to fix it (which I have done). That will save you the $1300 dollars.

    Posted 8.22.10
  4. ashmeljer wrote:

    Oh Vera, thats a shame! Same thing happened to my platinum engagement ring…the bottom has practically straghtened over the last 10 year. I still wear it with no issues but its certainly not round anymore! My wedding band is white gold and its fine. $1300 is def ALOT of $, but you wear it EVERY single minute, dont take a chance of losing the stones!!

    Posted 8.22.10
  5. Corrin wrote:

    Oh this brings back bad memories! The stone in my engagement ring shattered after 6 months and you wouldn’t believe how many tears I had to shed to get it replaced! In the end, the jeweler said it was a freak accident because of the size and cut of the diamond and he did replace it with a better diamond.

    Do you have insurance on your rings? Does it cover damage? $1,300 is nothing to sneeze at, but for something with such sentimental value that you wear every day, I’d say it’s worth the fix.

    Posted 8.23.10
  6. Kathy wrote:

    Change the setting 1300.00 is less then what you will feel if you lose any of the stones go back to the jeweler who was good enough to tell you before he even worked on it. It’s only money!

    Posted 8.23.10
  7. Jan wrote:

    I feel your pain. I took off my rings this morning ( like I always do ) to put on some hand cream. When I went back to put them on there was my e ring sitting looking all lonely because the wedding band is no where to be seen. I mean come on, where could it possibly have gone??!! I take both off at the same time and let them fall down my finger to the counter top so they are together. I agree with the PP – its your wedding ring so get it replaced. Its going to be cheaper then buying a new one or replacing diamonds.

    Posted 8.23.10
  8. Stephanie B wrote:

    That is so awful. Other than the financial setback it is too bad that you have to have a whole new one made when there’s sentimental value in having the ring your husband put on your hand the day of your wedding. I sympathize with you. It’s strange how rings change shape. My husband’s university ring is the weirdest shape after wearing it for years. I don’t understand how his finger could warp a ring into such a bizarre shape.

    Posted 8.23.10
  9. It has! My ring was a plain gold band but it was just as upsetting. Keep looking for another jewelry place to resize your ring for a better price.

    Posted 8.23.10

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