My First Lesson From Traveling To Puerto Rico

I’m not going to mention the name of the hotel until I get home, but let me tell you – this trip to Puerto Rico has completely CHANGED my perception of travel.

We (without knowing) opted for a very small hotel. I am SO USED to going to brands that have thousands of room on property which means everything is typically busy. The pool is always packed. Restaurants need reservations. Staff is pre-occupied. Never second guessed it because I knew no other way.

I’m not in a boutique hotel by any means – but it is VERY SCALED DOWN. Just about 100 rooms in total, but the pool is as large as your typical chain and yesterday afternoon we had it all to ourselves.

I would say in total – MAYBE 25 people were there with us. But do you understand what I am saying – that is spread out against a HUGE SPACE. It was unbelievable!!! I kept looking around thinking, “MAN I’ve been vacationing ALL WRONG all these years!”

When you go away, do you have criteria for your hotel? I never did. I just made sure I trusted the name. Moving forward I will be looking into a few other things INDEED.

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    wish i was there

    Posted 4.9.11
  2. Love the photo of the kids. Hope you guys have a marvelous trip. Smaller resorts are always easier to manage too – as far as easy to run back to the room when you forget something which happens all the time going from beach to pool with kids. Sometimes we’ve noticed it’s not even just the size but the layout that really matters too as far as easily being able to get to the pool / beach without a 15 minute walk. Keep posting! xoxo

    Posted 4.9.11
  3. Jane wrote:

    First of all, I’m jealous that it’s warm enough where you are for the kids to enjoy swimming OUTSIDE… but beyond that, so glad you guys are having a good time! I know what you mean, too – we used to travel to the Hamptons as a family (my parents, brothers, sister and all their kids) every summer and the hotel we stayed at was that same way. We had the pool to ourselves as a family of (at the time) 15 or 16. Crazy! But nice! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

    Posted 4.9.11
  4. Maria wrote:

    When I go somewhere tropical, I like to go to small hotels – where you feel like you have the island all to yourself – like you own it. Luv that feeling!

    Posted 4.9.11
  5. Kyle wrote:

    The only downside to smaller hotels is that they normally don’t have good point programs. I always struggle with that because I prefer boutique hotels when we travel, but at the same time, I like earning points and then getting free stuff. Duh. Who doesn’t?!

    Sounds like you are having a great, and very well-deserved vacation! Enjoy the rest of your relaxation time!

    Posted 4.9.11
  6. marianne wrote:

    Glad u had fun!

    Posted 4.9.11
  7. Lisa wrote:

    You’re in my island. Oh I wish I could be there. I so need another vacay in PR. Have fun!

    Posted 4.10.11
  8. Patty wrote:

    Interesting perspective on the hotel! I always go with the big name…overcrowded one! Can’t wait for the details! 🙂

    Posted 4.11.11

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