Milbon Personal Haircare Consultation Bar

I visited Milbon Personal Haircare Consultation Bar to get an idea of some new products to use on my hair. I have thick, curly shoulder-length hair which sometimes gets very tangled. I met with a haircare specialist who described the different products to me and what I need for my hair.

She told me that I need to use conditioner liberally in my hair. She suggested Neu Due’s Willow Luxe Hair Treatment for normal conditioning of my hair. This one should be used every time I condition. She then suggested I use Neu Due’s Willow Luxe Hair Nutrient for an intensive conditioning treatment. This is for damage control. The shampoo she recommended was Neu Due’s Willow Luxe Shampoo for natural color design. This one is especially designed for color treated hair. Her suggestion for daily moisturizing for my curls instead of gel was Aprou’s Milk Moisture. I tried all as soon as I got home. I tried the Hair Nutrient, instead of the Hair Treatment because I had my hair colored about one week ago and thought a deep conditioner would do it some good. I loved how it helped detangle my curls. It left my hair smooth and silky to the touch. The Milk Moisture kept my curls well moisturized and soft. It wasn’t crunchy, like the effect gel would have on it. It isn’t a gel replacement, though, because it didn’t hold all the little stray hairs perfectly in place. Its great for summer because its so lightweight.

These products will be launching soon in salons. For a list of where you can look out for these, go to

Company provided samples for preview.

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  1. fritter wrote:

    Wow. I would love to have a consult like this done. My hair is soooo thin and I need to know what the heck I can do with it. I have tried a million different cuts and styles and have yet to find a product that works for me. Thanks!

    (comment for TykeRider)

    Posted 5.18.11

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