Loved Being The Keynote Speaker At iRetreat With Audrey McClelland

iRetreat Vera Sweeney

So much chocolate!! I mean… so much fun!!!!

Over the weekend, my partner and I headed to Hershey PA and had the HONOR of keynoting at IRetreat – an amazing conference for social media influencers put on by the Double Duty Divas. We had SO MUCH to say and actually went a HALF HOUR OVER our allotted time but they LET US thank goodness because I don’t think I could have stopped.


iRetreat Vera Sweeney

 (Photo by Dusty Bastian)

While we were up there, Audrey and I decided to just tell it like it was. The honest truth. And of course… we had a few laughs in between.

I wanted to give you a few slides from the presentation. I can’t show you the whole thing because that was really created for those who attended the conference.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.47.52 AM



Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.47.57 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.48.17 AM


One of the points of the partnership talk was that there is POWER IN NUMBERS. No secret right? But many people don’t take advantage of that. I put that first slide together to make it really noticeable. Look at how much more reach we have together. BIG difference.

The last slide was a summation of all the business rules we sort of live by. We explained each of them in detail… but I think you can get the point.


iRetreat Vera Sweeney

Amazing time with my friends! Can’t wait to go next year!!


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  1. Megan wrote:

    I loved your talk at iRetreat. It was fun, it was informative, it was REAL. You both come across exactly like you do in your videos–REAL, and in my opinion that is what makes you both so successful. It was a true pleasure meeting both you and Audrey. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 6.25.14
  2. Patty wrote:

    Wish I could have heard your speech. You both are a beautiful balance of business, friendship and all that is genuinely sincere in this crazy world. Wish you continued success.

    Posted 6.25.14
  3. Marsha B. wrote:

    Loved the key note speech. You know you are a real team when you can finish each other’s sentences! You are always auditioning stood out and know you’re worth! Passion is a must! you ladies rock!

    Posted 6.25.14
  4. Addi wrote:

    I really enjoyed hearing you and Audrey speak at iRetreat. I learned a lot from both of you and cannot wait to apply it to my business.

    Posted 6.25.14

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