Leave A Comment And Help A Child Get Vaccinated! #Blogust

There is one week left to save kids’ lives through the blog relay everyone is talking about: Blogust: The Blog Relay for Good!!  Every day this month, a blogger is writing about people from their communities who inspire them.  Here’s the best part.  For EVERY comment to the Blogust blog posts, $20 goes to vaccines for kids around the world.  Up to $200,000!

The Motherhood is really proud to be working with [email protected] and the UN Foundation on Blogust and I just had to spread the word.

Please visit the #Blogust bloggers and comment!  To reach $200,000, we need 10,000 comments by Friday (we have almost 8,000)!!

Posts so far … go to any and all and comment!

8/27 Fadra Nally, All Things Fadra

8/26 Katherine Stone, Postpartum Progress

8/25 Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks
8/24 Jeanette Kaplun, MamiFesto on Babble Voices
8/23 Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook
8/22 Clay Nichols, DadLabs
8/21 Gina Carroll, Tortured by Teenagers on Chron.com
8/20 Julie Marsh, Julie Marsh
8/19 Ilina Ewen, Dirt & Noise
8/18 Ana Flores – Spanglish Baby
8/17 Jenny Ekton, Formerly Phread
8/16 Liz Thompson, This Full House
8/15 Anissa Mayhew, Free Anissa
8/14 Elena Sonnino, Ciao Mom

8/13 Renee Ross, Cutie Booty Cakes

8/12 Shannon Carroll, Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

8/11 Suzanne Chan, Mom Confessionals

8/10 Tracey Clark, Tracey Clark

8/9   Catherine Connors, Babble and Her Bad Mother

8/8   Roxanna Sarmiento, Everyday Treats

8/7   Tiany Davis, Social Savvy Mom

8/6   Isabel Kallman, Alpha Mom

8/5   Ana Roca Castro, LATISM

8/4   Amy Graff, Baby Center

8/3   Liz Gumbinner, Mom-101

8/2   C.C. Chapman, CC-Chapman

8/1   Cecily Kellogg, Uppercase Woman

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  1. Susan wrote:

    Stay at Home MOM!

    Posted 8.29.12
  2. Thanks Vera for posting this and supporting [email protected]’s Blogust campaign. Its whole heartedly appreciated! How are you feeling? You looked beautiful in the photos from Turks!

    Posted 9.2.12
  3. Louboutin wrote:

    Wow this could be agreat solution to celebrate my 27 year Loved-one’s birthday. I would really like the gift card to buy something special. We are a fan on FB and Twitter likewise have been having your daily emails for years. I love your web site.

    Posted 9.13.12

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