Lands’ End Press Preview Spring 2014 Collection #fashionfriday

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Bright, bold and beautiful! That’s what I thought when I walked into the Lands’ End press preview for their Spring 2014 collection. But the running joke was that when I walked into the showroom I instantly felt like a black and white newspaper cartoon. I looked down at my grey booties, camo green jacket and black 3/4 sleeved shirt and just KNEW me and spring did NOT mix. ๐Ÿ™‚ HA!


Let’s start with bathing suits! I love Lands’ End because they understand a woman’s body. I was walking around feeling the stretch around the mid-region of each tankini and it was forgiving which made me very happy. Three kids later and my needs have changed. I need magic! I need support! But I also need a top that won’t show every stomach detail I work so hard to hide all year long. These bathing suit tops do just that!

I’m telling you. It looked like I was feeling up the mannequins. My hands were under, in and around almost every suit. But that’s how you know what you are getting. And I’m currently bathing suit shopping – so my mind was in mode as it was!!


On top of the great new silhouettes that Lands’ End will offer in 2014, the brand is also going to introduce a performance line!


Like I said, the clothing line for spring was just fresh and unbelievably festive. It made me want to picnic. It made me want to smile. It made me want to take the train right out of NYC and walk on some grass. So beautiful! Flamingos and bees made an appearance — see below:

lands_end_spring_2014_5 lands_end_spring_2014_6


What do you think about the Lands’ End Spring 2014 collection?

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  1. Now I want SPRING to come!!! Maybe I can just go on vacation ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Posted 10.25.13
  2. I love all the color! It’s all so preppy.

    Posted 10.25.13

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