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Lady and The Blog Exclusive Interview with Ali Landry


I had the pleasure of interviewing Ali Landry about what she’s been up to lately and to get her take on all things motherhood. She’s gearing up to host the third annual Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event, which she is actively involved in organizing. We also chatted about her new app, which is THE go-to app for moms. I was super excited about this because I’m soon to be a mom and there are so many products out there to wade through. Here, Ali talks about why her app is changing the game for new moms.

Can you tell us about the Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event that you’re hosting on September 28th?

Ali: The Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event is something that’s very important to me. It’s the 3rd annual event. It’s an event that brings baby brands to the public. The brands come and set up booths to share their products with everyone. It’s free and open to the public. The dream is to take this event to other cities. We also opened it up to discuss other forms of safety like baby wearing safety and we have several panel discussions planned. People want to learn and do the best for their families and we’re helping them do that.


Why this cause? Why car safety?

Ali: We started this because I spoke to a woman whose daughter was ejected from a car seat that wasn’t installed properly and died as a result. I saw myself in that situation. That could have been me. I know I’m not alone. You assume you know how to install a car seat. It seems easy. So, I became a certified car seat technician to raise awareness, to start a conversation and to shine a spotlight on this issue.

Tell us about

Ali: The mission of is to discover and share the best baby products out there. When I was pregnant, I was always online, researching and asking friends about their favorite products. There was no one place to find that information. is that place. We want people to focus on their ultimate favorite products to share. You can only have one fave in each category. It saves so much time and money. You can see the best products that are trending in real time, see what the people you follow buy and get exclusive discounts only on what you want. You can also earn points to redeem for products. Right now it’s in the app store for the iphone. We’re working on it being available for Androids, as well. 

Why an app as opposed to a blog or a website?

Ali: Moms are mobile. I have my cell phone with me constantly. It’s a task to sit at a computer for any length of time as a mom. We created this app to meet the needs of parents. 

What is one product that makes your life so much easier as a parent?

Ali: I am obsessed with the Slumber Sleeper by Swanling. When I discovered it, it was a life-changing moment. It’s basically a fitted sheet that is a sleep sack. I was at the ABC Expo last year when I saw it. I had my newborn and my 2 year old who was beginning to crawl. I was walking down the aisle and saw the video of the baby attached to the sheet. I just bombarded them with so many questions. My little boy loved it. Both him and the baby can’t wait to get in. It’s also amazing to travel with because you don’t need a bed-rail. My kids love it. 

Is there any category of product that gets more focus than others on the app?

Ali: Car seats definitely get more focus than others on the app. It’s a product that’s high priced and people want to make sure they’re buying the safest one, right one for their baby. 

This app is so invaluable to busy parents on the go. It’s one of those things that is long overdue. What has been the response so far?

Ali: It’s been amazing. Moms are excited and we’re trying to keep up with demand. The brands are ecstatic about it.

Reader Question: Can you share some favorite baby moments?

Ali: I have different favorite moments with each child. My 2 year old was never a cuddler. I could never get him to snuggle. Forget hugs and kisses. Now that he’s starting to communicate with me, though, he’s turning into a cuddler and I so cherish those moments. I will stop whatever I am doing to cuddle with the baby. It’s that connection. The baby is also not much of a snuggler. I take whatever I can get now. So I really love those moments. 

Reader Question: Did the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter really work on your stretch marks?

Ali: Well, I never got stretch marks so yes! I used their products all through all 3 of my pregnancies. I used 3 products and I would layer them all over my body. I still use them to this day and I’ve never been this moisturized. I literally stay moisturized for 24 hours. I also drank lots of water and stayed super hydrated during my pregnancies. I also used a belly belt to take the pressure off the belly. 


If you’re in LA, be sure to stop by the Red CARpet Event and get more acquainted with car seat safety and all the exciting products on display. Click here for more information. For more information on, click here.  Check out this video to learn about

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