Kids Can Finally Feel Their Brother Move: Wonderful Moment For Us All

I’ve been feeling this boy beat the crap out of me for weeks – but it’s been pretty hard to get the timing right for my children. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to have them feel their new brother move around inside of me.

It was ALWAYS a miss. Frustrating for them – for SURE.

Well, we FINALLY got to the stage where my children can frequently feel this baby kick, punch and roll around. I think it makes the whole process more real. Yes, there really is a living being inside of mommy.

Last night, we were watching TV together in bed and my son started to do somersaults. I grabbed both their hands and put them on my belly. They were in awe. It’s a really sweet stage. I couldn’t help but capture it.


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  1. Amanda wrote:

    Awww, how sweet, and how lovely that you captured it.
    Nat and Liam are going to be amazing older siblings, I just know it!

    Posted 11.7.12
  2. Love reading your pregnancy posts! I’m not on bedrest, but I seem to be hitting the same milestones with my own current pregnancy. This morning my husband finally felt our baby boy move for the first time! Now for my girls to get a chance… It does make everything more real for them. Congrats!

    Posted 11.7.12

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