Pregnancy Update: Turn For Worse (Yet Again) – Might Get Cerclage On Monday

(my morning alarm clock  – finding things to be thankful for)

I really don’t have a lot of energy to put into this post. I’m still sort of in a state of shock. I’ve never been this bad – this early.

Long story short – I’m back to 1.9 even with the progesterone. So, it looks like it’s not really helping. They don’t want to wait until Thursday to see me again. I have to go to back to the office on Monday. If there’s no positive change they are going to admit me to the hospital to get a cerclage.

I was told to come to the appointment with an empty stomach so I can go straight into surgery if need be.

I asked if I am going to be admitted post surgery and she wasn’t sure. I guess it depends on how low I go over the next few days.

No more sitting up and moving around a bit each day. Now I am on full blown bed rest.

If all works out, I will get steroids shot next week for lungs. And then the week after that I believe I am finally viable. So, I’m taking it one week at a time. Praying for 28 weeks.

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  1. Wrapping you in all kinds of love and prayers from way over here, my friend – thinking of you…. Much love. xoxo

    Posted 11.9.12
  2. Marissa wrote:

    Many prayers for you and your family. I hope all goes well and you and the baby are healthy.

    Posted 11.9.12
  3. Oh Vera, I’m so so sorry.

    Posted 11.9.12
  4. Melanie wrote:

    Hi Vera,

    I will hold you and the baby in my prayers. I’ll get the entire family to pray for you both of you, too.

    Posted 11.9.12
  5. Melanie wrote:

    THE both of you. not: you both of you… sorry.

    Posted 11.9.12
  6. Patty wrote:

    You are in my prayers and I am sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way. You are such a strong woman you will get through this. xoxo

    Posted 11.9.12
  7. Danielle wrote:

    Good luck! i had an emergency cerclage put in at 21.5 weeks. the procedure was relatively quick, under 20 mins. I spent 3 nights in the hospital after that, but i think it was only b/c i am carrying twins and my cervix had shortened and funneled to .7cm. Most go home the same day. I hope it does not come down to it for you, but if it does, just know that it’s comforting to know you have that extra insurance that the baby stays in longer. I am now 2 days away from the 28 week milestone.

    Posted 11.9.12
  8. Sherry wrote:

    Hugs to you, Vera. I will keep you in my thoughts, as always. 🙂

    Posted 11.9.12
  9. Amanda wrote:

    many many prayers to you!

    Posted 11.9.12
  10. Hayley wrote:

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this! Many prayers. I had an emergency cerclage placed at 22w0d. I was in the hospital for week after that trying to control my contractions. I was allowed home on strict bedrest after that (only allowed to use the bathroom or take <10 minute shower). I made it to 34w4d and gave birth to twins 5lbs3oz and 5lbs6oz. HANG IN THERE! I had a multitude of problems during my pregnancy… subchorionic hematoma (caused bleeding from 6 weeks – 19 weeks), they thought I had an amniotic band, preterm labor, short cervix, cerclage, gestational diabetes, low fluid, possible IUGR.. you name it, I probably had it! I had a c-section scheduled for 35w and babies came 3 days before that! They are almost 9 months old now and doing just great. You'd never know I had any problems and they are just perfect (did have NICU time though).

    Posted 11.9.12
  11. Tamara B. wrote:

    Awe so sorry to hear this! I have been through what your going through for the last three of my pregnancies. I too had a cerclage put in with all three at barely 4 months. It really gave me a piece of mind having the cerclage. I went full term with all with it. Only bad thing were all the epidurals one to put the cerclage in and one to take it out. Unfortunately my back has never been the same. Prayers to you!

    Posted 11.10.12
  12. Susan H. wrote:

    Praying things look up. Just take it easy and keep baking that precious baby.

    Posted 11.10.12
  13. Sharon wrote:

    Praying with you!

    Posted 11.10.12
  14. Cassie wrote:

    I am praying. Good luck!

    Posted 11.10.12
  15. Ahtis wrote:

    Hey Vera,

    You popped in head out of the clear blue and I just read your post. Sending prayers to you and the family that all goes well with the baby.


    Posted 11.11.12
  16. Jessica wrote:

    I know bedrest is so tough, hope things have settled down a little since this post. I had 28 weekers and then a 34 weeker, hope that baby decides to stay in there for weeks and weeks to come.

    Posted 11.12.12

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