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Kent’s Boys BCA Mountain Bike Is Liam’s New Obsession

We just picked up a new bike for our son – the Kent BCA Mountain Bike. Liam is older now and ready to learn to ride a bike…finally. He’s been dying to get out and go with his buddies and he needed a new ride.

BCA Mountain Bike

His first “real” bike was a little too small now (sniff, sniff…too fast). We needed a new option. We were looking for a well-made bike that could take a beating.

BCA Mountain Bike

Kent’s Boys BCA Mountain Bike Is Liam’s New Obsession

We were also in the market for some cool features like being able to change speed in a flash. The BCA mountain bike hit all our checkboxes.

bca mt20 mountain bike

The bike we came across and have loved since day 1 has to be the Kent MT20 hardtail mountain bike. This baby is super cool with some great features that his dad was impressed with. Let’s talk turkey.

First, the company started in 1909 in NYC before growing and moving to where they currently are based…New Jersey. I love working with the locals!! LOL!

Kent Bike

Now, on to the bike awesomeness. This bike has a lot going on. A lot. What you say? How about a tuned travel front shock absorbs the bumps and the sturdy steel frame keeps the bike tracking straight.

boy bike for tweens

Shifting is handled by industry leader Shimano with their seven-speed drivetrain featuring twist shifters, and lugged knobby tires get all that kid power to the ground and provide great traction.

Front and rear linear-pull brakes keep speed in check. Supple padded seat is easily adjusted with no tools thanks to a quick-release lever clamp.

the kent bike

To top it all off, it’s Made in the USA!! How can you beat that!! The summer is rocking and rolling along now that Liam is loving his new ride. If you’re in the market for a quality bike that’s really affordable, too, this maybe be your best bet.

kent mt20 mountain bike

With the MT20, the fun doesn’t stop when the street ends…and Liam is really looking forward to the rest of summer because of it!! He’s loving his super cool new bike, and so am I. Oh, the places we will go!!

To find out more about Kent Bikes or this BCA Mountain Bike specifically, please check out:

kent mt20 mountain bike for boys

Lady and the Blog LLC received a bicycle for the purpose of this review.

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