Kashi Sundae Funday Event at Children’s Museum NYC

Earlier this week, I grabbed my boyfriend and his nieces and nephew and took them all along with me to Kashi’s Sundae Funday at the Children’s Museum in Manhattan. The event showcased Kashi’s newest line of kid and adult-friendly products, and included stations that incorporated games to show us how the new products utilized healthy and fun ingredients.

The kids literally ran to the station where you got to pot your own plant. The kids all chose sunflower seeds, and we chose the obvious-money trees. Most of Kashi’s all-natural ingredients contain whole grains that include seeds, and while we may not be eating the seeds we planted, we will be enjoying their flowers in the garden this summer.

Afterwards, we assembled some puzzles and tried our hand at a memory-match game. I’d forgotten how much fun such simple, traditional games are! When complete, the puzzles revealed the ingredients such as fruits, nuts and chocolates inside products like Kashi’s new Banana Chocolate Chip Soft N’ Chewy Bars.

Topping off the event, we delved into an ice cream bar whose star ingredient was Kashi’s new, and by far our favorite product we tried that day, Soft Baked Squares, in both Almond and Chocolate flavors. These bars are basically a really healthy version of a homemade brownie. My household is a big fan of Kashi already; our cupboards are always stocked with numerous boxes of Kashi’s Berry Blossom cereal. Nonetheless, I was still really impressed by these new Kashi treats. They are already on shelves so I definitely recommend trying them for yourself.

To learn more about Kashi’s new products and locate them at a store near you, go to www.kashi.com.

by Allison Toombs

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