Introducing the NEW Samsung Baby Care Washer – a baby clothes washer that will change the way moms with babies do laundry! If you read my blog, you know that I am hypersensitive when it comes to detergent. I have to stick to what works for my family – otherwise, I break out with hives.

Baby Clothes Washer

Baby Clothes Washer – Samsung Baby Care Washer

I had no idea that a washer could also help remove bacteria and allergens! When I read about the Samsung Baby Care Washer, not only was I excited about it for my little one, but I was curious to try it out for myself as well.

I know a handful of moms with babies that suffer from eczema and other skin related troubles. It’s nice to know that there’s a baby clothes washer on the market that can carefully and effectively wash and sanitize all of a baby’s delicate laundry.

And by the way … it also saves time, electricity and water by handling small loads with its compact and efficient design. Bonus for those of us on a budget.

With the Samsung Baby Care Washer, you’ll not only remove dirt, soil, and stains from clothes, but also sanitize them to safeguard baby against germs and bacteria. Three temperature settings (Super Sanitize, Eco Sanitize, and Baby Care) and nine wash cycles let you choose the option that best suits your needs, whether you’re washing delicate outerwear, sanitizing everyday clothes, or sanitizing innerwear.

Samsung Baby Care Washer

What are some of the key featurese5rr6?

9 different cycles which depending on the type of laundry and degree of contamination, the BabyCare washer has a cycle that is guaranteed to clean clothes thoroughly

PureCycle™ Technology cleans the machine without harsh chemicals to ensure a completely hygienic environment for a baby’s clothes.

Samsung Baby Care Washer

Child safety design with a dual lid, a heat-resistant motor with no overheating and a child-proof lock keep little ones safe.

Unit can be drained into sinks or adapted to faucets, which makes it perfect for apartments and second-floor bedrooms and nurseries.

Selectable tone beep alerts do not disturb babies while they sleep.


Samsung Baby Care Washer

The Samsung Baby Care Washer is compact, with a height of just 2.7 feet and a depth of 1.8 feet. Its small footprint makes it ideal for placing in a laundry room, kitchen, or wherever is most convenient in your home.

I keep thinking about people who live in apartments — all my friends who live in Manhattan in particular! This is PERFECT!!! It is available in both platinum and white.

Samsung Baby Care Washer

What do you think about the Samsung Baby Care Washer? Something you’d like to check out? 


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