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My Interview With Dancing With The Star’s Samantha Harris On Managing Life During Motherhood

It takes a village. It takes friends and family. It takes bloggers. And it takes celebrities.

Raising kids is no easy task and you need a lot of help to do it. That help can come from various sources, and here at Lady and the Blog we try to do our part to show you how other moms manage the joys and the stresses of juggling kids, life and a career. On Friday I had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha Harris, former host of Dancing With The Stars and correspondent on Entertainment Tonight about how she manages all of those concerns.

In addition to her active professional life, Samantha is a wife and a mom to her two young girls (pictured below).

Samantha Harris and her two daughters

As a busy mom Samantha is always looking for shortcuts in order to make her daily routing more efficient and effective and allow her to cherish moments with her family as her kids grow up super quickly. I chatted with Samantha regarding her tips on how to:

  • Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle: Samantha makes keeping active a priority for herself by scheduling it into her calendar no matter what the rest of her week looks like. On the weekends she creates active excursions for her family, for example an hour long walk with her kids will end up at a restaurant for brunch. She’s also made sure that her kids have healthy eating habits by incorporating fruits and veggies into their daily lives. Leading by example, Samantha herself she is a fan of kale shakes. For her girls, Samantha might blend veggies and then add them to tomato sauce in order to make the veggie intake more palatable. For dessert, each girl is allowed one treat and then only as much of it as they can eat in a timed period. One other trick that Samantha uses to keep healthy food options on hand for the whole family is pre-chopping all the fruits and veggies in her home, that way a healthy snack is always within reach.

Samantha Harris with her two daughters

  • Maintain a social life: Samantha makes sure to schedule date nights – whether they are nights at home with a DVD rental after the kids go to sleep or a weekend getaway – with her husband just like any other activity in order to ensure that it is a priority. As for dates with her girlfriends, Samantha has left her days of socializing without her kids behind her and rarely leaves her family for a night out alone. Instead Samantha prefers family playdates where the kids can all play together while the she and her friends can enjoy some adult conversation. Additionally, Samantha enjoys such clever mother-daughter activities as “mommy camp” – activities with her and her daughter in and around their hometown of Los Angeles such as visiting the La Brea tar pits. Of course vacations are also a must and this summer Samantha and her girls are spending time in Samantha’s hometown of Minneapolis boating, fishing and splashing about in the pool.

In order to share her well-honed arsenal of mom shortcuts, Samantha has teamed up with P&G on to create the “Mom Ambush” web series. Each webisode features Samantha helping another mom solve a different motherhood-related issue. According to Samantha, she is constantly accessing P&G Everyday to utilize its community of moms for their ratings and reviews of products, especially those that save her time at the supermarket and help her to do her own hair and make-up.

P&G Everyday


To learn more from the moms on P&G Everyday, go to There you can also find savings and get samples of products such as Samantha Harris‘s own favorite from P&G: Olay CC Cream.

You can also go and to view Samantha Harris in her “Mom Ambush” series.

Thank you to Samantha for a lovely and informative chat!


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