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Why It’s Important To Have Great Friends

I’ve spent the last few days running around from one calendar event to the next. Every weekend, it’s pretty much the same thing. Overbooked and happy for it. Friday night – it all started out with a birthday party. Ever since that one event, we’ve just been shuffling from one house to the next racking up IOUs to our favorite peeps. I know it’s not supposed to be “tit for tat”, but get-togethers are expensive and you always have to make sure you are paying your buddies back with a homecooked meal every now and then. I am a party of five after all.

I brought my son to school this morning utterly exhausted. I almost apologized to the teacher. Actually, I mentioned to her that Caleb wasn’t in the mood to move today. He dragged the entire morning and I warned her that he will probably do the same throughout class. She blamed it on Mondays. I walked away blaming it on a great inner circle, but I kept that to myself.

When I first moved to my new town, I was bent on being part of every circle. I still think that I am when it comes to larger-scaled parties and town meetups. But that need to be everywhere and know everyone has truly died down. I grew up always being part of such BIG groups. High School, college, when I first started working – always with tribes. HUGE TRIBES. Now, that I am pushing 40, it all feels so exhausting. Over the last few years, I found myself honing in my energy. Everything seemed to get smaller and smaller – without intention. And now, I can count my close friends on one hand. It isn’t right. It isn’t wrong. It just is. Makes everything so much simpler.

I think the older I get… the more I realize how much I need simple.

My life hasn’t been overly complicated in the friends’ department. I can’t say that for the rest of my history, but I have been blessed with great friends. I hope it’s because I give my all to anyone I love. I hope they see that. I am truly a “do or die” kind of girl. But only if I feel that you are the same.

These three are “do or die” – there’s no other way to put it.

So, while I work like a dog and I am so passionate about growing my business and learning new ways to bring in different streams of revenue for my family, I also appreciate when I go to a friend’s house and they have my favorite pineapple hard cider waiting for me because they know I don’t drink wine or beer. It’s the little things, right?


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