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I’m Redecorating My House – Here Are Some Chic Picks I’m Considering

Bill and I are currently redecorating our home (again) OMG IT IS A SICKNESS I KNOW. Anyway, our main project is Natalie’s bedroom, but we already have that one mapped out.

bedroom makeover ideas

I will show you before and after photos once they are complete. My secondary project is my own bedroom and some accents throughout the rest of the space. Bill wants to PAINT my current bedroom furniture and make it white. I’m fearful that this choice is going to be disastrous, but we are going to give it a shot and see what happens.

If it doesn’t work, we need backup plans! That’s where this post comes in. I wanted to show you some highlights from my more recent window shopping session:

Round Beaded Mirror

We are building a mudroom entry point and I want to add some accents on the wall adjacent to the piece. I thought these mirrors would look nice next to it.

Roma Tufted Wingback King Headboard

I have a leather brown headboard right now and I want to switch to something white or off-white. Still afraid bc of the kids and their cheeto hands… but I think this one is really nice.

Swedish Medallion Chest

Again, I am going for a really white / off-white look and i thought this chest was gorgeous. I even like the way it’s set up with the books and the flowers.

Goldfinger Chair and a Half

I don’t think I could fit it but OMG I LOVE this char. I am obsessed with gold and that deep blue really pops. Great accent piece. Super expensive though.

Council Comforter Set Size: Queen

Again – keeping with my white theme. I need a king though.

‘Green Louis Armstrong Told Us So’ Graphic Art Print on Canvas Size

I’m not sure I would put this in the bedroom, but I love this idea!

Home Sweet Home Doormat

I usually get a new doormat three times a year. It’s about that time!

nuLOOM Hand-knotted Moroccan Trellis Natural Shag Wool Rug

I just bought a new rug for my room, but I think this is the one that will go into Natalie’s room.

That’s it for now! What do you think of my picks?!

bedroom makeover ideas

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