I’m Officially A Soccer Mom (And It’s REALLY COLD)



Boy – you hear all about soccer moms in the news and amongst friends… but there’s one thing no one ever talks about. HOW FLIPPING COLD IT IS ON THE FIELD!! I almost froze to death Saturday morning with the kids. My goodness.

I don’t mind the practice time, the game time, the expensive uniform… but I do mind the frigid weather we will have to face for the next few months until Spring warms up a bit. I guess I have to buy Liam some Under Armour? Soccer moms – help me out! What do you do under the team shirt?? Do you try to squeeze his jacket? Some kids had their jackets on under – but I don’t think Liam’s will fit?


Truthfully, it didn’t look like he minded as much as me and Natalie did. LOL! He was just running around having the time of his life with one of his best friends. Me and Natalie were practically rubbing sticks together to build some sort of fire right in the middle of the field!

Any advice will be appreciated!

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  1. KissKiss wrote:

    Under Armour is a great idea, for you and your daughter aswell 🙂 It’ll be easier for him to move around and perhaps become the next Leo Messi.

    Posted 4.7.12
  2. lizzys wrote:

    love it !!!

    Posted 4.7.12
  3. Wendy T wrote:

    Under Armor and/or thermal long johns. I think you’re right that the players mind less than the spectators. To that end, I suggest you put a sleeping bag (very warm) in your trunk and leave it there to wrap around you and Natalie and Bill. Also, a thermos of hot chocolate.

    Comment is acting as an entry to the CVS contest.

    Posted 4.7.12

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