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I’m Keynoting At ‘Boost Your Influence’ Summit With Audrey McClelland @byisummit #ByiSummit

I have great news to share with you today, friends. Audrey McClelland and I are officially the keynote speakers for this year’s ‘Boost Your Influence’ summit. The event will take place in Hershey, PA on October 21st and I cannot wait to attend.

Boost Your Influence is a small group, learning-focused conference geared towards bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to boost their online influence. This one-day conference helps attendees grow through speaker-led sessions and small group masterminds allowing attendees to develop the skills needed to grow their audience and cultivate relationships with brands and other entrepreneurs.

Boost Your Influence Coupon Code

Do you want to attend? I have a discount code! Use code: PermissiontoHustle to get 20% off your ticket! Click here to claim your spot today.

Boost Your Influence Keynote Topic

To keynote with Audrey is an absolute dream! She is my partner in crime and we have so much to say about the industry and where we think it’s heading. Our topic of choice is all about trends and forecasting. The title of our session is: How to Grow and Build your Blog in the Ever-Changing World of Social Media

We hope to see you there!!!

In case you are interested in who else has signed up to speak, here is what’s available on the website to date:

Some personal friends and some new faces – a great combination! Can’t wait to listen to what everyone has to say at Boost Your Influence.

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