I Voiced Baymax In Big Hero 6 While Visiting Disney! #BigHero6Event Check Out The Clip

Super duper FUN! Ok — have you ever been in a recording booth before? I did it once before when I attended the Planes: Fire and Rescue Disney event last year. Who did I voice this year? BAYMAX! There’s a few things I learned during my short time in the booth:

  • I think I need glasses. Everyone else was able to keep the paper on the stand. Not me. I had to lift it up so I could see it.
  • When I entered the booth, I took the microphone and shouted “Hoooolllllllllaaaaaaaa” so apparently, I was a rap artist in a former life.
  • The Disney people just don’t get that I was born to be a voice over person. Is that what you call it? A voice over person? There has to be a better term?

Full disclosure — NOT MY BEST WORK on Baymax. I guess I am not robot material. But you better believe that I had so much fun trying!!

NOW… before you watch the scene, I want to point something out. When Baymax says, “On a scale of 1 to 10” in the movie … he says it differently than his normal voice. He says it more formally. So, I tried to do that in my video but it just didn’t translate the way I wanted to. Actually, every time I listen to it, I sort of crack up. LOL

I can’t wait for Disney to have a pigeon from Central Park for us to work on. I will SO ROCK THAT!!!!!! hahahahhahahahah

Ok – are you ready?

Here’s the behind the scenes look.

And now here’s the finished product.

There’s a few things I learned about voice over work while talking to the engineers. Thought I would share that info with you here just in case you were curious about how it all works:

  • In my video, you hear three beeps. Those beeps let me know that it’s time for me to say my line. That’s not always how it works. Sometimes you just say the lines. Other times, someone says the lines and then you repeat them. There’s many different ways that the process can happen.
  • Actors have different methods of getting ready. Some do quick exercises. Other lay completely flat on the floor. They’ve pretty much seen it ALL.
  • Do actors get really animated when they are saying their lines? You better believe it! You need that MOTION to make the noises believable.
  • Does ad-libbing actually make it into the film? Yes. And more than we think. The character Fred would go on and on for hours and a handful of his lines made it to the final cut.

Good stuff!!

Have you seen Big Hero 6 yet? This is the weekend to do it if you haven’t!! You will not be disappointed.

BIG HERO 6 is now playing in theaters everywhere!

*Disney flew me to LA to attend the Big Hero 6 premiere. All opinions are my own.

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  1. You did a great job! Loved hanging out with you!

    Posted 11.14.14

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