How To Use Instagram: 5 Ways You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Do you know how to use Instagram? I mean … how to REALLY use Instagram? Everyone has their feeds filled with friends and family profiles. However, the search functionality is one of the best tools available online to help you live your best life. Today, I wanted to show you five examples highlighting how I use the social media platform as a tool for just about anything!

How To Use Instagram: 5 Easy Ways

How To Use Instagram: 5 Easy Ways

How To Use Instagram: Travel Planning

Last night, my friends and I were joking about taking a trip to Roswell. I did a few forum searches online but found that most were disappointed in the experience. That wasn’t a good enough answer for me because I really want to visit one day!  So, I picked up my phone and searched the hashtag instead. How To Use Instagram: 5 Easy Ways

When you are trying to look up a hashtag, you might have to play around a bit. If I just searched the word, “Roswell” then I end up with nothing. However, when I change it to “RoswellNewMexico”, my search widens to about 3,000 posts. Again, this is a small return, but one that helped me formulate a firm understanding of what my trip would feel like should I decide to go. I scanned through the photos and saw lots of gimmicky tourist traps. Naturally, I was SOLD. Give me all the green little aliens you have! And while you are at it, make it a double. 🙂

How To Use Instagram: Follow Full FeedsHow To Use Instagram: 5 Easy Ways

This is another great tool from Instagram that is still fairly new. A recent rollout has allowed Instagram participants to follow whole hashtags without needing to individually follow particular accounts. Fill your stream with pictures that you love and use minimal effort to do so. I follow hashtags like #homedecor and #InstaFashion because these are topics that make me happy. If you want to add some new profiles to your account, simply go to your search page, write a hashtag that you frequently check and hit the follow button. DONE. You will receive updates moving forward. Nice and simple, right?

How To Use Instagram: Shopping For Fashion

Ladies, this is the best tip I will give you today. I do about 70% of my actual shopping through Instagram and that is no flipping lie. I am not kidding. I buy everything through my feed. I am obsessed with Like to Know It and you will be too once I am done with this section. Let’s take a look at one of my outfit posts.

Shop via instagram

I have an account with and am an affiliate with them. This means, that when I post pictures of my outfits, I make money when other women like my photos and buy clothing using my links. You can see my full feed here.

Like To Know It

Hey – by the way! Do you follow me on Instagram?

How it Works:
Download the app to get push notifications with ready-to-shop product information when you screenshot photos from Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. You can purchase the products featured in your screenshots directly from your phone through the app. SUPER EASY!

My Likes + Discover Features:
With the app, you can browse all of the pictures you screenshot and like in one place, and discover thousands more DAILY. IT IS SO EASY.

Basically, if you HEART or SCREENSHOT any photo on INSTAGRAM that has the #liketkit, it will store the picture in the app for you. You can shop the look LATER if you’d like or reference it as a style guide. Up to you!! Download today.

How To Use Instagram: Home Decor Inspiration

I am currently redecorating my bedroom. This is a few months in the making. It is taking forever, but I am in no rush because I want it to be just right. One of my absolute favorite hashtags to follow is #LTKhome because the entire stream is downright gorgeous!! Oh my goodness. I cannot get over it.

Home Decor Inspiration

I am deciding on the pieces of furniture I buy, the colors on my walls, the carpets on my floors – all through this feed. You have to understand – it’s that simple. Even if these women aren’t providing links to purchase, I still get great ideas. I feel so inspired!!  And if you follow my blog, you know that I love to paint. So, someone isn’t happy about this at all and that someone is Bill. LOL!

How To Use Instagram: Finding New People

Find New People To Follow On Instagram

I always love to find new people to follow by looking to see who my friends are following. Talk about getting the perfect recommendation. You can access this page by going to the heart photo on the bottom of the app and then by clicking on the “Following” tab. Usually, it automatically settles on the “You” tab, but you have to swap it out.

As you can see, here are a few people that I follow. This page records everything that they do. Feels a little creepy, right? LOL! But I like it because I get to see what pictures everyone is liking or commenting on. This allows me to explore Instagram on an entirely new level. I can get in deeper! Such a great way to explore. I find this is better than the “EXPLORE” tab (the hourglass) because that is more random.

Did I help you figure out how to use Instagram? I hope you have a better grasp of the tool because it is pretty powerful once you know how to truly dive into it.

How do you use Instagram? Would love to hear! For more information on tech and social media, click here.

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