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How To Start A YouTube Channel: For Beginners

I started my YouTube channel in 2007, but I never considered myself an actual YouTuber until this year. So strange right? Let me explain! Every video I posted on YouTube, all 1600 of them, was created to help my blog in some way. Whether I was writing a blog post on the hottest toys for Christmas or recapping how I saved money at CVS, the videos were merely extensions for my write-ups. Never in a million years did I think to consider YouTube its own platform. That’s why 90% of all of my old videos have NO tags on them and horrible titles. Yet, somehow, I still managed to rack up over 7 million views. This is only because I started super early. I doubt I would get that sort of return starting a YouTube channel today.

How To Start A YouTube Channel: For Beginners


I am a researcher by nature. So, I pretty much spend about an hour a day consuming media dedicated entirely to this subject. How to Start a YouTube channel is all I want to know about. I want tips, guidelines, links to programs that I should use to help streamline my process. You name it and I want to write it down.

I know I have so much more to learn about this topic, but for now, I put together a quick recap of my findings. This video will get you started and on the right path.

Besides the tips that I provide in the video, I want to mention a few more ideas that I stumbled upon this week:

How To Start A YouTube Channel: For Beginners

  • Branding is key – I haven’t really gotten into this but I am going to start making all my thumbnails look pretty consistent. Right now I am just super sloppy but I am considering this month part of my learning phase. So, ignore it all!
  • Do what works best for you – Just because someone is killing it with Roblox videos doesn’t mean you should. That need is already FILLED. What can you bring that no one else is bringing? What will you be happy talking about on a regular basis?
  • Have a primary objective: What are you giving your audience? What nugget of information? Forget about views. What are you TEACHING THEM? Why would they want to return to you again and again?
  • Tube Buddy Link: Here is the link that I talk about in the video:
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind Group: Here is the link for my mastermind group:
  • Never mislead your audience: Clickbait titles SUCK.
  • Start the video with a really fun moment from your upload: Then cut to your regular intro. HOOK them in nice and early.
  • Use non-copyrighted music: Even if you aren’t monetized at the moment… you always want to be ready for the switch.
  • Ask people to subscribe and hit the bell: I just started doing this today. I’ve heard to not do it right away, but I also heard that it works better if you do it right away.I will leave this up to you.
  • Always link all your social media profiles in the description:  Great for marketing! I have a notepad that I just copy and paste in while uploading.

These How to Start A YouTube channel video tip bullets are NOT in the above clip. The video has an entirely new set of tips! So, check it out!!

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