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How To Decorate Easy Easter Cupcakes With Kids

How To Decorate Easy Easter Cupcakes For Kids

I have a really easy Easter craft for you to do with your kids. I know some sites are offering you homemade cupcake recipes and … well… that just ain’t me! I’m looking for the quick and easy and SIMPLE!! PLEASE – the less parental involvement – the better! I’m just not that crafty. When I think about doing fun activities with my children, I literally think like a child. Then I ask myself three questions.

Can they do it on their own?

How much help with they need?

What kind of mess are we talking about once it is all over?

I picked up a some Easter treats at the store and my daughter Natalie and I played around with a few designs. Honestly, this is a great after school activity! Take a look at the video and let me know what you think!!

If you are having a party, consider letting your little ones make the dessert!

If you want to check out our new YouTube channel dedicated to kids crafts and fun, visit by clicking here. Would love for you to subscribe. We have SO MANY GREAT PLANS for that account!! Stay tuned. The kids are more excited than I am … and that’s saying a LOT.

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