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How To Bring The National Civics Bee To Your Town

The National Civics Bee is an annual competition encouraging young Americans to engage in civics and contribute to their communities. Participating 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students flex their civics knowledge to win recognition and cash prizes. The third annual National Civics Bee will take place in 2024 in partnership with local and state chambers of commerce across the United States.

National Civics Bee

This state competition is a national movement geared towards local middle school students that enables them to showcase their greater civics knowledge in front of a panel of judges. 

What is civics and how is it taught in school?

In the United States, civic education focuses on how the government operates and how it pertains to citizenship skills. Students spend time building a solid understanding of democracy, the various structures of government, and how they operate. Additionally, civic learning includes an in-depth analysis of public officials and what it means to be active citizens. 

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Information About Local Community Involvement 

If you want to bring the National Civics Bee to your community, there are simple ways to involve the young people in your town. Local communities can contact their local chamber and request America’s next generation get involved! Click here to see ways to reach out to your local chamber about bringing the National Civics Bee to your community.

Who Can Request Info On The Live Competition?

You don’t have to be an educational professional to get involved. Of course, teachers are encouraged to get vocal, but parents, business owners, and home schools are also encouraged to to contact their local chamber to request a national round of the National Civics Bee come to town! 

More Information About The First-Round Essay Competition

Organized in partnership with The Civic Trust of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the competition in your community will inspire middle schoolers to become better informed about American democracy, to engage respectfully and constructively in the community, and to build greater trust in others and institutions.

Middle school students can take part in the first-round civics essay competition. Entries must be at least 500 words long.  A distinguished panel (including government officials, business leaders, and educators) will judge the 500-word essays and choose 20 students to move forward to the next round. 

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Getting To The National Stage

The top 20 students will then compete in a live quiz event to test their civic engagement knowledge. The local competition includes a cash prize! This is an added perk to knowing greater civic knowledge and an understanding of a strong economy.

The finalists and top winners will receive various prizes, including cash for the first-place student. The top three winners will then have a chance to compete at the state level, and one will move on to the inaugural national competition. 

Entries open November 13, 2023 and close on January 8, 2024.

Examples of Questions Asked During The Final Round

According to the National Civics Bee website, questions might include, “How many Supreme Court Justices are there?” or “How long does it take to become a naturalized citizen of the United States?” There are various elements of civics that could be included. It’s important to remain well-rounded. 

Essay Topic Ideas

When developing a topic for your essay, it’s important to consider a problem facing your community. It could focus on the business community, community leaders, or the public in general. How might a citizen solve the problem? Define the civic participation needed to correct the issue.

Also consider defining the sources – such as the US Constitution – that can provide support or evidence to enhance your solution. List your shareable tools and detail your plan during the first round of the contest. 

The National Civics Bee is a wonderful opportunity to help foster your child’s interest in government and civics.

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