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Hollywood Studios And Animal Kingdom Disney Daily Vlog

I still have footage from my most recent trip to Disney World. Can you believe this? You thought I was done, right? LOL!

Here is the FINAL video from our family vacation. We visited two parks in one day because we wanted to show the kids what Pandora looked like at night. It is one of my favorite things to see! Have you been there yet? Everything is lit up and it just feels so magical.

Daily vlogging isn’t easy to do. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s something my husband prefer we not take part in on a regular basis… which is why I don’t do it. However, this last trip, I wanted to record our memories because time is flying with our little ones. My Caleb is already 5 and Natalie is practically a teenager. I can’t handle it!

So, I convinced him to shoot some footage and I am so glad that we did. The laughs. The rides. The Disney memories – all for us to look back on for decades to come.


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