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Holiday Look From The Gap – On Sale Today

I am someone that likes to sign up for a variety of store newsletters. That means that my inbox is typically filled to the MAX with MEGA SALE WARNINGS, but I rather get them all than none. Call me crazy. I know! Some of my favorites are Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. I remember when Banana Republic was a store that felt like you were on a safari. I would have to drive to Forest Hills in Queens to walk through one of their stores because there wasn’t any one closer. I used to think it was the coolest thing. Khaki bases with natural prints. Muted tones – a brand that had a message. This girl from Astoria didn’t particularly want to dress like she was going to chase a white rhino, but I did appreciate the story. Even at 14, I loved fashion.

Today, Banana Republic is telling a very different tale. Their other brands have evolved as well. And to be honest with you… so have I. I now love to shop at all three clothing giants and can mix and match their styles with ease. It’s all about the highs and lows when you are building out a wardrobe. Can you tell my black jeggings were under $60 (PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 40% off TODAY) when I pair them with a Gucci belt? You can play around with different price points and still look like a million bucks! It’s all about how you style your wardrobe together.

Even my white pullover textured sweater – which is on sale today – is it designer or is it from the Gap? Does it matter because it works for me!? I love it. I feel great in it and to be honest with you, I love it so much more because I spent $36 on it! I mean – come on! An $80 sweater on sale for 50% off plus 10% off because I have a Gap card. MAJOR score. I will wear this sweater inside and out. (If you want a little color contrast, try this similar version from Loft.

As far as the shoes are concerned, leopard print always wins! My kitten ankle straps are actually from Cabi, but here are some alternatives.

I also just love a long beaded necklace because I feel like it adds the perfect touch to any look. Here’s another option that has more layers. I am someone that loves to add on necklaces – try throwing this one on as well. SO FAB!

Last but not least, don’t forget to have a little fun with your lipstick. When you are going neutral with your clothing, think about adding a pop with accessories or makeup color.

It’s so much fun to style a look while on the hunt for a great deal. In fact, that’s what this entire fashion section is all about. A typical woman’s budget – MY BUDGET. I don’t want to break the bank while getting ready for a Friday night out with friends. I just want to feel good with what I put together and know that I got the best deal possible while doing so.

What do you think about this look?

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