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Hershey, PA: Best Location to Travel to With Your Best Friend

If you are looking for a great place to spend some time with a best friend, Hershey, Pennsylvania, is the place to be. I recently spent a few days there with my gal pal, Audrey, and we had a ton of fun. With eight kids between us, sometimes it’s nice to take a weekend getaway to connect with a friend.

audrey mcclelland vera sweeney

The Hershey area offers a wide range of diverse experiences for visitors. I have been there a number of times with my family and I knew it would be just as great with my bestie. While I did visit Hersheypark, there is more to the region than rollercoasters and dark chocolate. In the end, it all starts with a true passion for food and sense of adventure.  

You can check out some suggestions of activities for your next weekend getaway by visiting Alamo’s Scenic Route blog, where I’ve discussed a variety of options for your upcoming girls’ getaway. 

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