Heading To The Disney Social Media Moms Conference With The Family #DisneySMMC #DisneySide


Caleb had this Mickey Mouse painting on his face for all but 3 minutes during our Easter brunch. I tried to get a photo of it before he smeared it… but alas … that boy was too quick! Still, I think it’s fitting to share with this picture because in a few weeks the entire family is heading back down to Disney to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference!

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I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few of these conferences in the past. In fact, this was where I met my best friend and business partner, Audrey McClelland waaaayyyyy back in 2009. There’s a WARM place in my heart for this conference. It’s a feel good weekend that celebrates family and blogging and friendship and… the mouse. I mean, what more can you ask for?

I travel a lot. I think you’ve been noticing that as of late. My job usually requires a trip a month which is absolutely manageable. But because of the TLC TV show, I’ve been a little crazy this first quarter and my children have missed me. I’ve felt stretched too thin myself!

Sometimes you plan trips months in advance. I had San Francisco set up weeks before China fell on my lap. And I didn’t mention that I turned down a 10 day wine tour through France yet, did I? Sometimes, when it rains it pours! When I left for San Francisco, my daughter had tears in her eyes and I called my husband in the cab and told him that even though we JUST came back from Disney two months ago, I wanted to take the family down again because this was a trip that allowed me to bring them along.

All my other work gigs don’t allow me such pleasures. But the Disney Social Media Moms conference understands that you have a family and sometimes it’s hard to pull away from them. So, they give you an option. You can choose to go without them – which I have done. OR you can choose to bring them along – which I have also done. Both ways work. It’s whatever is right for you. This trip – I needed to have my children with me.

Yes, it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg to fly everyone back down to Florida and to pay for the hotel room etc. But I don’t care. That’s what we work for! To enable things like this to happen. I couldn’t imagine coming home from China and then telling my kids that I was leaving again for 5 more days. I just couldn’t have handled that disappointment! Instead, I’m spoiling them rotten and fully owning it.

I need them with me. I’ve been gone way too much this first quarter. I can’t do this conference alone if there is another option. Bill isn’t 100% in support of my decision but he is going along with it regardless because he loves me and he understands that I’m the one that keeps leaving – not him. It’s the nature of the beast. I would love to get to a point in his blogging career where he gets to go away and go on blogging trips. That would be super! But for now, it’s just me. Together, we support our family and we each have our jobs. Mine just takes me away a bit more than I care to admit.

So, in a few weeks, we will all be together hanging hard with the mouse and the other hundreds of bloggers that were invited to attend this year’s Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I am thrilled beyond all measure. They always have such great speakers and panelists and the crowd is simply so inviting and welcoming. Cannot wait to see who I meet this year.

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