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Grow Something Greater With Miracle-Gro : Our Backyard Garden

Miracle Gro just made my backyard garden that much more beautiful. You already know all about my square foot garden, right? I just love working on it with my children. It’s something that brings us together as a family unit and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. Whether we are running out to the store to pick up some supplies or just getting our hands dirty (literally) by pulling up our vegetables, the experience of handing a backyard family garden is one that is filled with laughter and warm feelings. Well, Miracle Gro wants to see you join in on the fun and get involved with your little ones this season. Do you have it in you to get messy?

Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Grow Something Greater With Miracle-Gro – Our Backyard Garden


Miracle-Gro® wants you to Gro Something Greater this spring by growing your own traditions and experiences with your family. I’m telling you – my children can’t wait for the warm weather to come around each year because they know that means that we are going to start having fun in the backyard again!!

And isn’t that what it’s all about – creating memories with your children? Nowadays, we are all so digital. Everyone is glued to an iPad or a computer. Kids hardly go outside anymore. Instead, they spend their time watching videos or texting. Growing a garden meant that I would change that for my little ones. I wanted to be sure that they would experience something first hand. I didn’t want them to virtually learn something. I wanted them to ACTUALLY do it firsthand.

Family Growing Oversized Cucumbers Backyard Garden

Natalie and Liam were involved from concept to creation. They came with us and selected the seeds we would plant. They dug the holes, patted the dirt, watered the seedlings. It was a wonderful thing to watch! And I think because they were so heavily involved, they appreciated those vegetables when we ate them! In fact, they are usually the ones to remind me to head outside to check to see if we have anything ready to take up. The excitement is palpable. 

Gardening has become an official part of our lives and hopefully, I’ve taught my kids something that they will carry with them until they have children of their own. This is definitely a tool that they will keep with them for all of their days. 

Family Growing Oversized Cucumbers Backyard Garden

We love to have grandma and great-grandma around to help as well! Gardening is such a wonderful activity for every age. Square foot gardening

Does a full-blown garden seem too overwhelming? Start with an herb garden then! Even a few small pots on your windowsill will bring new life to your kitchen and will inspire young minds to want to learn more. Either way, Miracle Gro can be there to help! 

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What do you think? Do you have a garden? Do you think that after reading this post you might want to give one a shot? How about a little herb garden? You don’t have to go BIG right away! But I bet once you start planting, you will find that it is hard to stop. 

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