Good And Plenty Restaurant: Family Style Dining In Amish Country

After hearing that Good and Plenty restaurant in Lancaster was the place to visit, we finally took a drive to Amish Country see for ourself! This family-style restaurant has always been on our to-do list and I am so happy we made the trip. It was everything we hoped for and more.

Good and Plenty restaurant

Good And Plenty Restaurant: Family Style Dining In Amish Country

To be honest with you, the restaurant is really named Good ‘N Plenty – not Good and Plenty. But most people search for the term “AND”. In order to try to help the people who are actually looking for this information, I have to sprinkle in both terms. Don’t you just love the way the Internet works?

Either way, you will get plenty of good food when you get there. See what I did there?

Good N Plenty Restaurant

For around $60, this family of four ate a FULL meal including drinks and dessert. That is a pretty incredible deal. We are the type of people who tend to over-order. I am married to a foodie and he likes to get a bit of everything that he sees. So, I really loved the way this menu was set up. Just sit and eat.

You start off with FRESH bread, cole slaw, apple sauce, tomatoes and more. My husband couldn’t get enough of the apple butter – although my children wouldn’t give it a second look.

You also get a choice of unsweetened tea, water or lemonade at the Good and Plenty restaurant. Coffee is another option – but we weren’t in the mood to drink coffee with lunch. Just tell your children that there is no soda or anything diet. Prepare them.

Family Dining Amish Country Lancaster

Family Dining Amish Country Lancaster

If you wonder what it feels like to sit side by side next to strangers and share food with them – it was totally fine. We hardly spoke to anyone.

I don’t know if we were supposed to become lifelong friends with the people at out table as we broke bread together? Did I miss something? I am not sure. But that didn’t happen. We just smiled and shared. It was nice.

We were all friendly. But we never had any sort of conversations. I had my two small children to handle. Maybe if I went when they were a bit older, I would have had a different experience at the Good and Plenty Amish buffet.

Dinner Is Served At Good And Plenty restaurant

When our meal was served, I could not believe how outstanding the main course was compared to other fried chicken I’ve had from other establishments. I’m NOT KIDDING.

The Good and Plenty Amish buffet was out of control delicious. There were three main dishes to choose from during our seating – fried chicken, beef stroganoff, and some sort of pork cutlet. Everything was great, but that fried chicken was something to write home about (or at least a blog post).

We also enjoyed a variety of sides including everything from mashed potatoes and gravy to corn to buttered noodles to fresh veggies. The Good and Plenty restaurant pulled out all the stops!

Unlimited Servings During Your Meal

Have I mentioned yet that for your one fee… servings are limitless? They just keep refilling! Have you ever tried one of these Amish family style restaurant meals before? YOU MUST!

We didn’t test this theory. I don’t know if after three refills they stop offering food. BUT we NEVER had a bowl that was empty. If they saw something that was low, somebody replaced it – every time.

Good N Plenty Amish Country Lancaster

And it doesn’t end there either. You have about 5 desserts to choose from. I opted for award winning blueberry cobbler and cherry cheesecake. You could have all 5 if you like. No one is keeping score. The kids enjoyed fresh ice cream. We were all very happy.

Family Style Seating

As you know, Lancaster’s Good and Plenty is a family style restaurant. Depending on how large your party is determines whether or not you will have to share a table with another family. We saw that most tables were around 12 seats or so.

If you come in with another family, you might not need to share. That is your official heads up! Two family of fives should be ok? If family style is something that is preventing you from going, just get a large group together.

Good And Plenty Restaurant Location

150 Eastbrook Rd, Smoketown, PA 17576

Are you visiting the Amish Country anytime soon? Be sure to visit Good N Plenty Family Style Restaurant and… GO HUNGRY!


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