GoGo SqueeZ: The Snack My Kids And I Both Love @GoGosqueeZ






I mean – what more can a mother ask for? For her children? For herself!


GoGo SqueeZ is a true staple in our home because as a family who is constantly on the go, we need options that are good for us and that won’t make a mess. Listen, the truth is I am a “grab-and-go” eater. I sometimes choose convenience over health and I know it’s not a great quality of mine. That’s why my house has to be stocked with the right items – for me and for my children. That way, when we open up the refrigerator or the pantry, there is always something healthy in there waiting for us that tastes great and does not disappoint.


GoGo SqueeZ is made with nothing but real, fresh fruit and veggieZ and a splash of juice. It’s been certified as GMO-free and you can always expect to NEVER find any added sugars or other added colors or flavors. Only natural goodness. I mean, even the pouch is BPA free. Feel good eating this snack and giving it to your kids. Truly!


Whether you are in the car in between shops, or running to the field to make it to your next soccer practice, you never have to worry about utensils.  This is another reason to love GoGo SqueeZ because the pouches have easy-open caps and a built in straw. No spoon, and no mess! WOOT WOOT!

Like I said in the past on this blog, 2017 is all getting back on that health wagon again. The holidays did me IN. I’ve really made it a priority to pick up better options when snacking. This just makes sense for me. A quick squeeze of apple sauce and I am revived. That is what a burst of flavor can do for a girl.


And great news!! There’s a new band member in town! GoGo SqueeZ YougurtZ. How fun!! Smooth and creamy low-fat yogurt made with real yogurt and fruit (and NO preservatives). They are shelf stable which means they don’t need to be refrigerated. Take them with you on your next adventure. Oh, the places you will go as a family!

img_5777 img_5778

Is your family a GoGo SqueeZ family? How do you incorporate those patches into your day to day life? I would love to hear!


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