Getting Nervous About The Flu: I Think My House Has Been Exposed

So, here’s the deal. My husband isn’t feeling too hot today. And by the looks of it… he has the flu. I guess it’s no surprise because the entire country is under red alert.

But my question is – what do we do? We sent the kids to school today because they aren’t sick and they aren’t showing symptoms. But I just know it’s a matter of time, right? I am not going to send them on any after-school play dates or activities because those are not necessary… but school is a “go” unless they show symptoms. I can’t keep them home THINKING that they might be exposed.

And what about me? If I get the stomach flu… I will be hospitalized for sure. Dehydration and pregnancy do not go together. I already have an irritable uterus and have to drink a gallon of water a day (LITERALLY A GALLON). If I start puking… I’m going to have major issues.

There’s no escaping it.

I’m also not sure how we are going to function. I can’t really do anything… but if Bill starts to get really sick… then he won’t be able to do anything either. What if we all get sick at the same time? I’m panicking a little right now. Ok a lot right now.

I went into the kitchen this morning trying to see if I should make the kids’ their lunch and breakfast. Bill told me to go back to bed and that he would do it. He’s washing his hands like crazy and Lysoling everything. I just know it’s not going to be enough. This virus is too extreme.

We aren’t 100% sure about Bill yet. He has no fever… but it looks like he is getting worse by the minute. It has to be. In fact, I’m just assuming it to be safe.

Oh man… this is going to be one hell of a week.


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  1. Sherry wrote:

    The flu isn’t a stomach bug, though. It’s an upper respiratory illness.

    It’s so crazy how rampant it is! The clinics and ER’s are overloaded everywhere. This month I’m even more thankful that I work from home and that we’re homeschooling our high schooler this year. LOL Not that it keeps us immune from it – all of his friends come over and all that, so we could wind up with it.

    Posted 1.14.13
  2. sarah siskin wrote:

    Call Grandma and hope she can come and help or take the kids. If she’s not around, reach out to neighbors or family. You could wear a mask to protect yourself but that might interfere with the gallon a day of water you have to drink!
    Stay calm, and assume and presume you will NOT get it, nor will your children. If hubby has it, he will have a mild case. If you believe a negative will occur, it surely will!
    Make chicken soup, just in case! (wink)

    Posted 1.15.13

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