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Parents understand the vegetable struggle. We live in the day and age of the carb. French fries win. Hands down. Every single time. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, folks. It all starts from the home — education from the foundation. Your children learn to eat based off of what they are served at a very early age.

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Need some advice on getting your children excited about veggies? I have a few great tips!

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If you want to get your children to enjoy eating vegetables, you should serve them topped with flavors that your little ones enjoy! I mean – put a little cheese on it if need be, right? If you are looking for something with a bolder bite, why not try Birds Eye Steamfresh® Flavor Full line.

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With combinations like Ranch Broccoli and Buffalo Cauliflower, you simply cannot go wrong. I love to use Birds Eye Steamfresh pouches because all you have to do is throw them in the microwave. HELLO! Total bliss! I’m a work-at-home mom who runs several businesses with my husband. Sometimes, we don’t stop working until AFTER dinner. I need delicious and nutritious options for my family that are easy to make and are jammed packed with flavor. When the seasoning is already included – it’s a TOTAL WIN for me.

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The Birds Eye Steamfresh line is GREAT. My kids love to mix and match the different varieties and because so, dinner becomes that much easier on me. Honestly, sometimes I just don’t want to fight the fight. My kids love to complain when I try to give them something new… but with Birds Eye Steamfresh, they dive right in! Veggies aren’t a problem anymore! WOOT!

And moms – here me on this. The seasoning is already mixed in. You don’t need to rip open any additional packages, combine or create the sauce. It’s all right there on the vegetables just waiting to get worked in once you place the bag in the microwave. Like I said, if you are looking for nutritious, tasty, convenience – you found it.

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If you want your kids to love what they are eating, have them help make the meal. Yes, it’s true! I say this all the time but I am a firm believer that sous chefs make great dinner companions. Start the little ones off with easy tasks such as making the salad. Then, when they are ready, give them more (age appropriate) responsibility.

At this point, my children are almost completely responsible for the salad and the side dishes. And on nights where we are serving Birds Eye Steamfresh, all they have to do is open up the microwave and place the bag on the tray. One quick read of instructions on the back of the pouch and we are good to go! Talk about teaching independence and empowerment. These kids can do it all!

And PS, the more help you have in the kitchen, the better!

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Let’s just say that you come across a vegetable that your son or daughter doesn’t like. Do not feel discouraged! It takes several attempts before a little one’s palette can adjust to a new flavor sensation. If carrots aren’t their thing this week, still make that side again next week and serve it to the family. I always make sure the kids try every single thing I make – every single time I make it – no matter what! We all weren’t born loving brussel sprouts, right? But now, at nearly 40 (bite your tongue), I can’t get enough of the leafy vegetable!

Do you have any tips to share that will help our kids get excited about vegetables? If so, please share! Would love to hear!

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Vegetables can be a hard-sell to the family because they are rarely seen as the most exciting (or flavorful) thing on the plate, which means they are often the last to go. Birds Eye Flavor Full transforms vegetables with bold, unexpected flavors. Parents want their kids to eat healthy, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. The drive thru doesn’t have to be the answer on those late nights when work pushes dinner beyond your normal sit down time. Remember, a great solution that meets all of your needs is Birds Eye Flavor Full! Pop it right in the microwave and serve. Your kids will be loading up on veggies in no time.

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*I’ve teamed up with Birds Eye to talk about the new Flavor Full line.

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