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Get Ready For The Holidays – Free Printable Of The Holiday Planner

Get this free printable Holiday Planner to help you organize your holidays this year! Complete with Holiday Budget Planner, Holiday To Do List, Holiday Meal Planners and more! 

Get Ready For The Holidays - Free Printable Of The Holiday Organization Planner

I am so BEHIND this year and made this holiday planner for selfish reasons. Truly! I mean, I don’t know what is going on but I feel really unorganized. And when that feeling starts to settle in, the only way to cure the chaos is to make a LIST.

Yes, I am a list maker. True and THROUGH. I make lists for my lists and so it makes complete sense that I created a Holiday Planner just to help get back on track and ease my mind.

I am sure you and I are both in the same boat. So, I wanted to share this free Holiday Planner download with you! The Holiday Planner is bound to help you out over the next few weeks – during crunch time.

Get Ready For The Holidays – Free Printable Of The Holiday Planner

I wanted to talk about what is included inside My Holiday Planner. This way you can get an understanding of what is in store for you. There are several pages in this packet. Each focuses on either holiday shopping or entertaining. Those are the two problems I tried to solve.

Holiday Budget Tracker: Holiday Planner Free PrintableGet Ready For The Holidays - Free Printable Of The Holiday Organization Planner

I tend to start shopping on Black Friday for my friends and family and by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, I have NO CLUE what anyone is getting. Everything is wrapped under the tree and their guess is as good as mine?

I end up spending the night SWEATING and WORRYING about whether I got enough or too much. Is everything even? Did I forget anyone? THIS IS MY LIFE.

Well, this year, I got on top of it by tracking every stinking purchase as well as the COST associated using my Budget Tracker which is included in your Holiday Planner.  Print it once (or twice depending on how many people you shop for) and track every single item you bring into your house.

It’s also a great way to manage a set fund. So, for example, if you only want to spend $300 this Christmas on everyone, then work by subtraction! Stay accountable.

Part Dates And Important Events: Holiday Planner Free Printable

November Calendar Month December calendar month

Print these two pages out, stick them on your fridge, and thank me on January 1st. Mark everything SPECIAL that is going on in November and December using these templates.

Christmas concerts, Turkey trots, holiday get-togethers – you know what I mean. ALL THE HOLLY JOLLY FUN. It’s TOO MUCH TO REMEMBER AMIRIGHTSOMEONEHELPME. This was a MUST HAVE in my holiday planner.

I need to wake up and have it practically slap me in the face in the morning and the only way that is going to happen is if I have it written down on paper. I am a paper and pen kind of gal. Maybe you are too? These two pages will save my life over and over again and thankfully they are included in this holiday planner.

Holiday To- Do List: Holiday Planner Free Printable
holiday to do list

Oh – this one is my FAVORITE ONE. The ultimate list. Your holiday to-do list can be printed almost every single day if you ask me. I mean – multiple times a day. Lists upon lists!

Remember what I said on top? What do you have to do today? What DON’T you have to do today? This is my early present for you – as part of the holiday planner.

Holiday Meal Planner: Holiday Planner Free Printable

holiday meal planner

This section has two pieces to it. A one-sheeter where you can write down your grocery list and…

holiday meal planner

A place where you can actually create a plan for an upcoming menu you have to cook. I’m sure you have a party to host. Even if you don’t and want to do something special for your little ones at home, this can help you get organized.

Honestly, you can use this if you are trying a new healthy diet and want to stay on track. Keep this for January 1, too! 😉 This is a holiday planner that keeps on giving.

Holiday Address Book: Holiday Planner Free Printable

holiday address book for christmas cards

I have a spreadsheet where I keep my Christmas Mailing Labels. HOWEVER, as I receive cards, I need a place to mark down change of address notifications that come in. That’s what this sheet is for.

I keep it in my junk drawer and when I need to update my records (because someone got married, moved, divorced – you catch my drift), I make note of it on this one sheet. It just makes it easier to have it all in one place.

Get Ready For The Holidays - Free Printable Of The Holiday Planner

Download Your Copy Of The Holiday Planner Here

Click here to download your copy of the Holiday Planner. I hope it helps you get organized this season.

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