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Get It All Done With Me – A Day In The Life VLOG

If you are in the market for a little motivation, I wanted to share the Get It All Done With Me video I just posted on YouTube. I love watching this genre and so I decided to dip my toes in the pool and jump in for some fun.

What are Get It All Done With Me Videos?

Remember when blogging was super personal? When it was just about your day-to-day life and every post focused on what you made for dinner, the errands you ran, the moments you had with your children, and all the in-betweens? These videos sort of feel like that.

Except with these GET IT ALL DONE series, there is always an educational aspect sprinkled in to help women stay on top of their lives. So, perhaps one week I’ll show you how I made one of my favorite casseroles and in another, I will show you how I organize my pantry.

Regardless of the tip, it all revolves around the home – the epicenter of our lives.

As a NOTE, these videos will run around 20-40 minutes EACH. So, I won’t be doing 5 a week! This will be a slow drip for sure!! Hope you enjoy my very first video on my new channel!

I had a few dozen on my MAIN YouTube channel with a similar focus, but decided to create a new space for a new journey. After all, 2020 is all about new beginnings.


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