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Get Animated With Pixar And Inside Out! #InsideOutEvent


Let’s talk about dailies!

Inside Out is SO CLOSE to its release date…I can almost taste it. My daughter is having her birthday party at a movie theatre and we chose Inside Out as the film of choice. Everyone is so excited! I can’t wait to see the ending because I know SO MUCH… just not the ending! And it all needs to turn out ok because the film represents my life with Natalie. DON’T YOU SEE! IT HAS TO TURN OUT OK!!!!!


I’ve been sharing some behind-the-scenes peeks at the creation of Inside Out and today I’m chatting about the Animation Department and their dailies process. Basically, the team spends about an hour a day dissecting small clips from films and figures out how to make them … better.


Story Artist Tony Fucile was part of the Inside Out crew and worked on an example for our blogging group to view. During a movie’s development, everyone in the room looks at a scene and then talks about what they’d like to see happen. Team members might offer requests like:

  • She should stretch her arms higher.
  • Her smile should be wider.
  • Maybe she should hunch forward more.
  • etc.

And Tony would make notes representing the group consensus. This way, the animation team can simply take the drawing and make the corrections. He pretty much perfects the drawing by outlining on top of the original using his computer. Note taking at its finest! Loved seeing this process.

Of course, sometimes actual notes are taken as well. But here’s a perfect example of what would come out of a dailies session.

The group could spend several days (if not weeks) working on one small scene. A scene could be seconds mind you! That’s why movies take so long to make!! It’s all not that simple!! 
1inside-out-22_TonyFucile_fear_d450_3aQ_107_zero-685x367If you have a little animator at home that wants to get into this world, this could be a fun activity for them to start doing at home. Get them a marker and ask them to look at their favorite printables and see how they would make the picture different. Would they bulge out the eyes more? Stretch the legs a big longer? Get their creative juices flowing at an early age!! What a great way to start thinking like an animator!!

Inside Out hits theatres on June 19th!!! 

Let’s Get Social 

Disney and Pixar invited me to San Francisco to meet the makers of Inside Out. All opinions are my own.

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