Gearing Up For Baby: The BabaSling (When Did I Become A Sling Mom?)


I never thought about slings while caring for Natalie or Liam. In fact, I was borderline against them. I felt that my children needed to learn how to be apart from me. I was adamant about it! Now that I see how quickly that phase passes, I’m slowing things down. I’ve tested out a few slings and ended up landing on ‘The Baba Sling‘ for now. It’s the simplest one and that is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY FOR THE TIME BEING.


Perhaps when Caleb gets a bit older, I will want one with more structure. But for now I am very happy with The Baba Sling. There are several configurations – everything from laying down to sitting up. Here is a link to the step by step instructions for the following:

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 8.11.08 AM


I’m on the sleeping tiger for the most part these days. But I do lean on the easy tiger from time to time. 😉 Love these names! If you are just getting started with slings, the Baba can do all of the above with slight modifications. So depending on what stage / need your child is in / has – you will be set.

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